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I think that these questions should not be allowed as the last thing we need is everyone asking these kinds of questions for every Pokemon. Seriously by next week the Pokebase could be full of: What is a good special moveset for Scizor?, What is a good special moveset for Rampardos?, What is a good special moveset for Tauros?

I honestly do not see much of a use for asking for moveset with no competitive use and little ingame use.

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Yes I agree, we don't want a ton of questions like this, they really should be under the main moveset question for Ferrothorn or Gyarados or whoever. (Ferrothorn isn't even an attacker to start with, so it's even suckier to make it a special attacker.)

The only problem then is how do people request new movesets if hey really want them. I'll think if I can add something to handle this, like a request function.

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Like,.....The Gauntlet from Digital Fortress