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Okay, I want to ask a question on a moveset for a Pokemon. But someone has already asked a moveset question about that Pokemon. And telling from the answers to that person's question, it seems that the person that was asking was referring to a competitive moveset. But I want to ask a question referring to a non-competitive moveset for that same Pokemon. Can I do that?

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You can't - at least not at the moment.
1. The movesets and RMT section of the site are for competitive use, as in game requires much less strategy and generally movesets don't matter is your Pokemon has a few levels more than their opponent. In other words, grinding fixes everything.
2. Right now, we don't allow having moveset pages for the same Pokemon twice, and we already have questions for every Pokemon. So yeah.
Ok, I understand. Why don't you post this as an actual answer?

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Sorry, we don't allow that. Non-competitive movesets are too varied and essentially useless. In-game, it really doesn't matter that much, you just pick some reasonably strong moves of varying types and you can beat every trainer. And if you're still having trouble, well then try a moveset listed on the moveset questions, since they will be good in-game too.

There are questions about in-game teams for each game, which may be useful to you, e.g. http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/163153/what-is-a-good-in-game-team-for-pokemon-x-y

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