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Should we do most recent login, most points, first account, what? <This is for which account to not block. =

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My idea to pitch, would be block all but the original account.
limit accounts per IP?
Block all but the newest one.
You know nothing any of you guys say matters in this regard? I'm asking Pokemaster how to do this. Although I just noticed that my "Pokemaster" tag didn't stay.
Others are still entitled to an opinion. Pokemaster gets the final say, but that doesn't mean other people can't give ideas and suggestions. Don't get mad that other people suggested things just because you put "Pokemaster" in the title.
I just wanted people to know that this isn't a question asking people to vote on what mods should do, but on what it is that we are supposed to do based on what Pokemaster has done in the past. I wasn't mad, just didn't bother to soften up anything.

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In the past I kept what was considered the "main" account. I also deleted all the votes made by the puppet accounts, but that requires direct access to the database so the mods won't be able to do this. And that problem was partially solved by requiring certain points to upvote.

If in doubt, just keep the account with the highest score.

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