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I think the second one was supposed to be a Rate my Pokemon, but some people mistook it for a moveset question.
So maybe move the movesets over to the main moveset question.
That would be the best idea.

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The second one was for his Gallade in specific, but a few users mistook it for the Gallade moveset question. So... yeah, we don't need to hide it, as it was for his Gallade in specific.

And The Killer Lucario is the only one who I think is still active if I re-call, that mistook the question, so..

In short, TKL go ahead and copy down your answer, and you can post it to the legit Gallade move set question, and I'll go ahead and i'll give the other users about a week to remove their's.

Which means, TheMyrman, x-child, M.Fauzan, and viswanth chilukuri.

You guys also need to move your answer, if I'm mistaken and you're still active.

Otherwise, it'll just be hidden.

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