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10+ for up-vote
10- for down-vote
2+ for GIVING best answer
20+ for RECIEVING best answer
-2 for down-voting posts

Because user uberchrisp only posted his thing about the move combos when I was looking at it, and it was his only post. It got 51 up-votes, so 51x10=510, yet he has 220. So confusion.

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hidden posts?
Oh yeah, I forgot.
Whatever that ubercrisp confusion is confusing you with, note that hidden questions don't show up on the profile and count as an answer or whatever.
Also consider the amount of down-votes that user has, if any.
As well as consider the amount of down-votes they may have given out.
Spot on as usual Sam.
But Pokemaster's new update made it 2 points for giving best answer now.
Yes I edited the list of point thingies out because I didn't see the change Pokemaster made at that time, since UltimateLucario had it right in the question.
Lol, just noticed. I didn't refresh the page in time!

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It's because there is a limit on points gained from one question or answer, which is 200. So once you have 20 votes on a post, adding more won't give you more points.

Sam is also correct with the hidden posts, when posts get hidden you keep the downvotes you received. But that didn't happen with uberchrisp, he posted one question and never came back.

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