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I know this is usually done the other way around, but recently, I've expanded my site to have a discussion forum added to it. I have a few members from the site already joining it, and enjoying it / liking the look of it. I was wondering if maybe, for both of our sakes, you'd link me to your site, and I'll do the same.

So many people on this site love using the chatroom, but want a place with a more organized section of discussing Pokemon-related topics. I decided it was about time I'd provide my online community with a forum, and since you haven't, then maybe I could save you work and join our sites together?

I probably could've worded this all better, but Trachy and I both feel that both PokemonDB and PokeProfiles would benefit from semi-joining our communities into one, so maybe affiliation is an idea to consider?

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Thanks for the suggestion. I've been thinking about this, and it seems plenty of people would like a forum on this site, so maybe I should add one here. (Of course, I don't mean to steal your thunder! ;)

If I did it, I would probably have to write a lot of it myself to integrate it into PokeBase with the user accounts and stuff... well I'll see. Maybe I will link to you temporarily until I come up with a nice way to do things here.

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Sounds like a plan, Captain!