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As in, __ is the only Pokemon/move that __

It would make Pokemon and visiting this awesome site more fun(if it's possible) for users as well as others....

I will understand if this not reasonable or is bad in any way.

It may take time,but if we group up and help,it may work out very well

P.S. Please leave a comment about your view(s).

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I have thought about adding something like that to the site. The problem is, a lot of the "trivia" you see on other sites is exactly that - very trivial and not interesting. See here for evidence.

You end up with nonsense like "____ is the only Fire-type Pokemon over 4 foot tall and in the ____ egg group that can learn ____".

So, in conclusion: probably not.

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Plus, Bulbapedia covers that kind of stuff as well as the interesting stuff already, so they got the interesting facts already there.
That doesn't mean we can't have something similar here. I add what I want to the site, I don't decide based on other sites.

If we did it I would aim to make it better than Bulbapedia. They have some good stuff in there but the problem is by having all the nonsense trivia there too it makes it worse.