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Omg i live Aluve! And kmg again  i am actually writting a Alice in wonderlabd pokemon fysion fic!  My grav is actually a part of if a book ckver called Unburthday. I osn it buut hacen’t rwad ut yet.  I’ll show yku the fuc i’m doing well actually the map is kn my wall (the big long list if pkaces in Trigon a made up region) but i can send yku the summary
Jan 16 by Mighty Minior
Yaay someone likes the new namme! Woot woot
Jan 16 by Mighty Minior
Wow i last wall you the 7th that was awhile ago CD glad to hear you’re well!
Jan 16 by Mighty Minior
Heyo’ how are you?
Jan 7 by Mighty Minior
Mostly curious but why in particuluat do yoh want
 Me as a friend? And i’ve already added you to my friends list XD
Jan 4 by Mighty Minior
Of cluese ykh cam
Jan 4 by Mighty Minior
XD lol
Jan 4 by ~Obstagoon-Marnie~
That’s good to hear :)
Jan 4 by Stephwheel8
Thank you!
Jan 4 by Kyogre71
Yes I'm here, from time to time
Jan 4 by Mosmic Dragoon