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Wall for neo magius (page 3)

Lmk if you want different builds/more teams.
Jan 17 by Carnelian
Jan 17 by BM™
Yo, sorry for not being around on the weekend. What time can you do this coming week?
Jan 16 by PX
Jan 16 by Hellfire Taco
Sure, give me some time as I'm a bit occupied this week. I'll get back to you soon.
Jan 15 by Carnelian
yes i know, ive seen it before. good luck!
Jan 15 by Chaos481
Jan 14 by JustATypicalPerson
He's shirtless because he's meditating I think.
Jan 13 by RaidenTheSworded 雷電
aah, ive heard that. although, im not that interested in it.
YOOOO you sign up for the tour? lets gooooooo! good luck :)
Jan 12 by Chaos481
I know :)
Jan 12 by Carnelian