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Latias @ Leftovers

Trait: Levitate
EV's: 152 HP / 176 SpA / 180 Spe
Nature: Timid

-Calm Mind
-Dragon Pulse

This Is my Special Sweeper, when i sent this out as my lead, the opponent will set up Entry Hazards which means i get a free Calm Mind and then I start Attacking the opponent and probably sweep. Calm Mind is for power and bulk, Dragon Pulse for STAB, Surf for coverage, and Psyshock for hitting Blissey/Chansey.

Heatran @ Choice Scarf

Trait: Flash Fire
EV's: 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Nature: Modest

-Flash Cannon
-Earth Power
-Dragon Pulse

Heatran and Latias have great synergy, Heatran resistes Latias weaknesses and when i'm predicting an Earthquake I just switch out to Latias and with Levitate it won't effect it. Heatran is my other Special Sweeper just in case Latias Faints. Flamethrower is for STAB and has a chance of burning the opponent, Flash Cannon For STAB, Earth Power for Coverage, and Dragon Pulse for other Latios/Latias.

Breloom @ Life Orb

Trait: Technician
EV's: 252 Att / 252 Spe/ 4 HP
Nature: Jolly

-Sword Dance
-Mach Punch
-Bullet Seed

This is My Physical attacker and because i wanted to try out it's new ability Technician that is now availabe. Breloom can force some swith outs so when they switch out i get a free Sword Dance and it boostes my Attack, Mach Punch for priority and STAB and it gets the Technician boost, Bullet Seed is for STAB, and if it doesn't hit 5 times it still do pretty good damage, Spore Is to make whatever switches in go to sleep so i can set up some Sword Dance(s). It's weaknesses are also covered by Heatran.

Scizor @ Leftovers

Trait: Technician
EV's: 252 HP / 40 Atk / 216 SpD
Nature: Adamant

-Sword Dance
-Bullet Punch
-Bug Bite

This is my other Physical attacker and it makes great synergy with Latias. Because of Scizor's Bulk it could set up and Sword Dance to increase it's attack, Bullet Punch is priority and STAB, Bug Bite is for stopping ChestoRest Sets and STAB, Roost Is to make my Scizor last longer.

Donphan @ Leftovers

Trait: Sturdy
EV's: 252 HP / 4 Atk / 252 Def
Nature: Impish

-Stealth Rock
-Rapid Spin

Donphan is my Defensive wall, Stealth Rocker, And Spinner. Stealth Rock is for Entry Hazard, Rapid Spin for taking away My opponents Entry Hazards, Earthquake is for STAB, and Roar is to make my opponents Pokemon to Switch and take damage from Stealth Rock. I didn't make this my lead because My Latias will defeat the Opponents Entry Hazard Pokemon and once its defeated my Donphan Spins away the entry hazards.

Jellicent @ Leftovers

Trait: Water Aborb
EV's: 252 HP / 36 Def / 220 SpD
Nature: Calm

-Shadow Ball

Jellicent is my Specially Defensive Wall it takes the Water type attacks from my Heatran and Donphan. I have Surf over Scald because Scald Will make my opponent burn but thats why i have Will-O-Wisp, Recover is to get my health back, Will-O-Wisp/ Toxic i don't know if i should have Will-O-Wisp or Toxic, i'm kind of thinking of having Will-O-Wisp to cripple my opponents attack. Shadow Ball is for STAB.

I think i have too many Pokemon with Leftovers so if you suggest changing a Pokemon's Item please tell me why. This is my very 1st RMT so don't put mean comments. Pleast Rate My Team.

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Decent first RMT. Good job.
well uhh heatran needs fire blast in order to do more damage! :3 nether the less ! great team :D
@JCM Thank You, do you have any suggestions on it?

@Sl4de I Have Flamethrower because it has better accuracy and more PP, :P
I agree with JCM, this is a good first RMT post. There are no striking flaws and plenty of what comes down to personal preference.

An example of the personal preference being ye olde power vs. accuracy.

I would however suggest replacing Low Sweep on Breloom for Spore. I use a Techniloom on my team and it is an amazing Pokemon, mainly because of its ability to Spore the switch in and get free turn/turns to set up a Swords Dance, which ends up making Mach Punch something to be feared (also Bullet Seed, but Mach Punch is a priority attack).

If you want to make use of Low Sweep on Techniloom, your best bet is to use either a Banded or Scarfed set. Bullet Seed, Low Sweep, Mach Punch/Spore/Stone Edge, Mach Punch/Spore/Stone Edge.
Thx trachy probably switch Low Sweep, because if i use Choice Band/Scarf i won't be able to switch moves
@pikachuswagg well ok :p if u rely on the accuracy :D
i like it
So Are There any suggestions/improvments?
Heatran needs Quiet if running Eruption, since Eruption is an event move.
And you never created that Breloom set. I've used it for a while.
Yeah also can people stop using bullet punch on Scizor? It's annoying when people copy my set ._.
Eruption is an event move i never knew that, thanks Mew
@Spoink Sarcasm or is it 0_0
@Mew i guess i never did created, well thanks anyway Mew

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