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I’m breaking the format with this deck. ;P Pulling out Garchomp in 1 turn. Genius. Though I run an illegal card, hey, its an awesome deck to play against friends. Though I’m only allowing the one illegal card. Everything else is legal. Okay then.... Leggo!

Pokemon: 22
x4 Gible (Dragons Exalted, #87)- Sand Attack prevents damage, Knock Away does a possible 30. Needed for evolution.
x4 Gabite (Dragons Exalted#89)- Wowz. His ability is AWESOME if I can’t get Milotic out, earning a Garchomp, already set up, Energy Wise. Needed for evolution
x4 Garchomp (Dragons Exalted#90)- OMA! What a beast! Dragonblade doing 2 for 100 is killer! The Discard is the least of my worries. And Mach Cut, 1 for 60?! With a discard of Special Energy?! This game is unreal. And believe me, this thang sweeps.
x4 Feebas (Dragons Exalted)- Wow. Feebas is actually pretty useful, as a draw of course. Needed for evolution.
x4 Milotic (Dragons Exalted)- Clear Search lets me get 3 of ANY card outta my deck. For me, thats Gible, Gabite, and Garchomp, and I’ll put those down the next turn. After this, its clearly a strong Draw Power, getting exactly what is necessary.
x2 Mewtwo (Next Destiny)- Saw this coming right? -_-” Anyways, a nice back up plan, in case all else fails.

Trainers: 21
x4 Broken Time Space- Ha! This deck now, breaks the format! Broken Time Space allows me to evolve a pokemon as many times as I want during my turn, to any and every pokemon! >:D I run 4 not only for precaucion, but to make sure I draw into one. This literally breaks the format.
x2 Pokemon Communication- More for the beginning of the game, subbing out cards I dont need for ones I do.
x4 Pokedex- For Garchomp. I’ll look at top 5 and put the worse 2 at the very top, and the next best as #3. Mainly so I don’t accidentally discard say, another Garchomp, Milotic, Broken Time Space (Another reason I run 4), etc.
x3 Cilan- Gets 3 Energies out of my deck. Need I go on?
x4 Pokemon Catchers- Goin’ around the EXs and for the Easy Kill. Always helpful.
x4 Giant Cape- Extra 20 HP? I’ll take that and a side of fries.
x4 Plus Power- I always say “Well, I could just add in plus power”, but I never run it. I feel I owe it to myself. +10 damage. Enough for the KO.

Energies: 17
x12 Water Energy- Needed to attack. Need I go on?
x5 Ground Energy- I can pull these out. Needed for Garchomp, and to attack.

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