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OK new sand team, using Mews new format

Tyranitar (M) @ | Sand Stream
Adamant Nature | 152 HP / 252 Atk / 104 Speed
Stone Edge | Superpower | Ice Punch | Crunch

So 600 attack is very nice, the coverage is great as well, unfortunately Tyranitar has always lacked speed.
A Cband set is also very unpredictable.

Physical Tank and weather starter.

Evs and Nature
There using his full potential here, and as stated above help him reach a max of 600 Atk with Cband.
It has some investment in speed to out speed any opposing Jellicents.

Fighting: Jellicent | Virizion | Shuckle
Ground: Virizion | Heatran
Bug: jellicent | Shuckle | Heatran | Magnezone
Steel: Magnezone | Heatran | Virizion | Jellicent
Water: jellicent | Magnezone | Virizion

Shuckle (F) @| Sturdy
Sassy Nature | 252 HP / 4 Def / 252 SDef
Encore | Toxic | Knock Off | Protect

Who expects a Shuckle on a sand team? the answer is almost nobody.
It has always been turned down in Ou because of a lack in Hp but i have used very well recently.
In sand its a monster and can play Gliscors role very well.

Encore abuser and all round annoying wall, preforming good synergy with the team.

Evs and Nature
If you cant do the math its SDef peaks 921 in sand, so good luck Ohkoing it with Starmie.
Your standard Starmie takes 4 hits to ko Shuckle usually but leftovers and Protect makes it almost 6.
6 Turns of Poison and Sand is not worth staying in for.
Knock offs there to predict switch ins and ruin Pokemon like Blissey, or for the fun of it Starmies life orb making Scald a 8 Hko :D
Its Def has no major investment but Jellicent can make up for that side proving to be a very decent wall.
Even without investment Shuckle still can take 3 Outrages from Dragonite.
Sturdy will almost be never needed but with Choice Band Scizor a critical hit Bullet Punch is an OHKO.

Rock: Magnezone | Tyranitar | Virizion
Fire: Heatran | Tyranitar | Jellicent
Steel: Magnezone | Virizion | Jellicent | Heatran
Water: Jellicent | Virizion | Magnezone

Jellicent (M) @ | Water Absorb
Bold Nature | 252 HP / 252 Def / 4 SDef
Scald | Wil o Wisp | Ice Beam | Recover

Its Def may be lower but Jellicent is the physical counterpart to my Shuckle Jellicent core.
This is because it can sponge certain physical attacks better as well as burn the opponents.
The type synergy isn't brilliant between the two but they do counter each others major weaknesses as well as having a whole team to sponge the attacks.

My most important team members seem to have a Water weakness Jellicent abuses that.

Wall and burner, good synergy with team.

Evs and Nature
This spread is standard and allows it to sponge physical attacks.

Electric: Tyranitar | Virizion | Magnezone | Shuckle
Grass: Virizion | Magnezone | Heatran
Ghost: Tyranitar | Virizion | Magnezone | Heatran
Dark: Virizion | Heatran | Tyranitar | Magnezone

Heatran (M) @ | Flash Fire
Timid Nature | 4 HP / 252 SAtk / 252 Speed
Flamethrower | Earth Power | Stealth Rock | Hidden Power Ice

Bringing some stab fire type moves to the team to help aid my team away from any threats of hazards.
Hp ice kills Dragons.

Special Tank and Stealth Rock
Also good synergy with team taking in fire hits.

Evs and Nature
Standard really but the Timid is so i can out speed Adamant Dragonites and Ko before they cause trouble.

Fight: Virizion | Jellicent | Shuckle

Magnezone @ | Magnet Pull
Timid Nature | 4 Hp / 252 SAtk / 252 Speed
Thunderbolt | Volt Switch | Flash Cannon | Hidden Power Fire

I cant let Scizor kill my team, nor can i let Forretress and Ferrothorn set up hazards.

Special sweeper and trapper, Magnezone also helps me counter rain teams easily.

Evs and Nature
This spread gives me 359 SAtk and 360 Speed, which may loose to Starmie but is Still great and will Ko anything it can including 2hko ing Tyranitar in Sand.

Fight: Jellicent | Virizion | Shuckle
Fire: Heatran | Tyranitar | Shuckle
Ground: Virizion | Heatran

Virizion @ | Justified
Jolly Nature | 4 Hp / 252 Atk / 252 Speed
Leaf Blade | Close Combat | Stone Edge | Swords Dance

Gastrodon and Quagzire kill yourself.
But yeah anyway seen as I'm using Virizion in sand I'm not risking using Life orb so Muscle Band it is, Its still gives me a decent boost but also tricks the opponent into thinking I'm using Lum berry so I'm free to avoid any Status, and if they do use status i have a Pokemon capable of absorbing it.

Psychical Sweeper and good synergy

Evs and Natures
Standard no explanation needed really but Jolly is used over Adamant to give me 146 speed, allowing me to out speed those annoying Pokemon with base 100 Speed.

Fire: Tyranitar | Magnezone | Shuckle
Flying: Magnezone | Heatran
Ice: Tyranitar | Magnezone | Heatran | Jellicent
Psychic: Tyranitar | Magnezone | Heatran

Finally done i do realize i have a small Breloom counter but i have to really on my prediction for the switch in, you cant counter everything perfectly.

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Any suggestions?
I'd give Shuckle Rest somewhere; either over Knock Off or Protect.
*uses Seismic Toss on Shuckle...
Switches out to Jellicent.
*doesn't see it coming...

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