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Flare, would you mind if I answer this when youre done? Id like to test my rating abilities, if that'd be alright.
Not at all :) All I want is somebody to answer. Answer it Rio, give it a shot.
There Rio, all done for you to answer.
Just a note, you can only have 4 of any card in a deck, excluding normal energies and Arceus.
The Darkrai card looks AWESOME
There are 20 pokemon, 18 energies and 23 trainers, altogether 61 cards...

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So as I said, I'm also going to answer. Not that Rio's answer is bad, it's great as always, but just that due to the nature of this deck, there are different paths to take. She's going with low Energy cost, I'm going to go with bench damaging.

So cards to take out. Keldeo isn't the best Water type basic (non-EX I would say Kyurem gets that distinction), so that goes. Tornadus and Druddigon aren't really needed. They aren't the best and they are more at home in decks where you have two weaknesses. Due to the multiple weaknesses of Water, this isn't needed as much. We'll take out the Samurott line, which isn't that great. And that Zoroark line isn't the best. So that also gets taken out.

Okay, so we'll add two of those Darkrai EX. With their bench damaging, high HP, and that free retreat, it will be incredibly helpful. We'll support it with a Kyogre EX. While more than two EX cards can be risky, sometimes risks need to be taken. Three isn't too bad anyways. We'll also add another Kyurem. For a solid Stage 2 evolution line, I'm thinking two Hydreigon, two Zweilous, and three Deino. Hydreigon's bench damaging powers and solid Pokemon in its line help this deck out a lot. Now for some Stage 1s. Two of the amazing Beartic along with three Cubchoo. And two Vullaby and two Mandibuzz. Beartic provides that raw power against the Defending Pokemon. Mandibuzz can either hit hard against the bench or against the Defending Pokemon. With Fighting resistance, it also supports other Dark types.

Now for Energy. I'd suggest 16 Energy. Let's go nine Dark Energy, five Water, and two Double Colorless, which can be put to good use by Beartic, Mandibuzz, Kyurem, and Hydreigon.

Now we have room for 22 Trainers. Let's go three Cilan instead of four. We'll keep the four Skyla you have, as well as the Gold Potion. Then we'll add four Communication, four Cheren, two Super Rod, and four Catchers

Final Deck: 60

Pokemon: 22

x3 Deino
x2 Zweilous
x2 Hydreigon
x3 Cubchoo
x2 Beartic
x2 Vullaby
x2 Mandibuzz
x3 Kyurem
x2 Darkrai EX
x1 Kyogre EX

Trainers: 22

x4 Skyla
x4 Cheren
x4 Pokemon Communication
x4 Pokemon Catcher
x3 Cilan
x2 Super Rod
x1 Gold Potion

Energy: 16

x9 Dark
x5 Water
x2 Double Colorless Energy

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Thanks trachy! And Rio too.
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I gotta agree with trachy, if you dont have Darkrai and Kyurem EX in your deck, why is their picture and name in the title?
Anyways, I cant see a clear plan going on, but I can see the fact that this could easily be turned into a deck that sets up fast and hits hard with little energy usage. So lets begin. :P
I'm going to start with taking out the Samurott line, Tornadus, and Druddigon. While we're at it, lets take out Heal Energy (being illegal), Expert Belt (being illegal), and once everything is all done, we can decide what to do with the Trainers when we get to them.

If we set up fast and hit hard, theres a few adjustments to make. First off, I'd like to fit those EXs into the deck, but I would like to try Kyogre EX for its attacks that would fit better to the deck, but if you want, you can still put in Kyurem. Secondly, we'll need a water line that can set up quickly. I'd like you to try out Starmie which hits hard quickly and gets right to the point. Now Zoroark. That Zoroark is okay, but I have a suggestion for a better line. I'd like to try this Zorua and this Zoroark. This line is more efficient because of Zorua's more to search for Zoroark, and Zoroark's move Foul Play that will let you use any move for just 2 of any energy. Now that we got some attackers going, we can make the pokemon more stronger by adding:

Sorry, I'll need to consult my partner before continuing this RMT.

Will finish later!

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To trachy and Rio and All: The pictures are there because the EX's are in the deck. I found no point in putting the mascots of this team as a link if they are already there as a pic.
No, there is no room in the deck for the EXs, nor do you state how many are in there. Trachy posts the card pictures on his decks because that is the main core for the deck, or mascot if you will.
Exactly as Rio said. In your past decks as well as this one, if you were to add more cards you would be breaking the 60 card per deck rule even worse. And also as Rio said, we have no numbers of EX cards.

I was also planning to run Kyogre EX. :P

Also, I think I might answer this. Rio's going with low energy cost. I would go with bench damaging. Either theme works as the deck was originally kinda a jumble of cards that lacked synergy.
Sorry I never finished this. I think trach did a great job answering, and I'm too lazy to finish, considering you already have another full analysis. Anyways.... yeah.