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This is my battle subway wifi team. Im
currently on •Rank 3•
and want a good team to compete in it :)

trait- Snow Warning
Evs- 252 HP/ 172 Def./ 84 SpD/
Movesets: Leech Seed, Blizzard, Protect, Sub.

 My lead: Starting up hail and pretty much his
 job is to stall, and protect for scouting.

Mamoswine- Choice Scarf
trait- Thick Fat
Evs- 252 Atk/ 4 Def./ 252 speed/
Movesets: Icicle Spear, Earthquake, Stone Edge, Super Power

            Revenge Killer: When this badass is scarfed it's unstoppable

Jolteon- Life Orb/ Thunder Plate?
trait Quick Feet
Evs- 252 SpA./ 4 SpD./ 252 speed/
Movesets: VoltSwitch, Thunderbolt, Shadow Ball, HP Ice

            It here to have fun: This guy is lethal in battle
            as his defense is frail but it SpA and Speed makes 
            it unstoppable

So here is my wifi team doesn't look bad to me hopefully I get some advice :D

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id replace mamoswine's icicle spear with avalanche and give it the life orb, and give jolteon a petaya berry to increase special attack when hp is low
I  might try that

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