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Golurk | Leftovers
No Guard | Adamant (+Atk -SpAtk)
252 HP | 252 Atk | 4 Spd
Stealth Rock | Earthquake
Dynamic Punch | Stone Edge

Alomomola | Leftovers
Regenerator | Impish (+Def -SpAtk)
252 HP | 252 Def | 4 Spd
Wish | Waterfall
Toxic | Protect

Linoone | Sitrus Berry
Gluttony | Jolly (+Spd -SpAtk)
4 HP | 252 Atk | 252 Spd
Belly Drum | ExtremeSpeed
Dig | Shadow Claw

Swellow | Flame Orb
Guts | Jolly (+Spd -SpAtk)
4 HP | 252 Atk | 252 Spd
Facade | Aerial Ace
U-turn | Protect

Gardevoir | Choice Scarf
Trace | Modest (+SpAtk -Atk)
4 HP | 252 SpAtk | 252 Spd
IVs: 0 Atk
Focus Blast | Psychic
Signal Beam | Thunderbolt

Regice | Leftovers
Clear Body | Calm (+SpDef -Atk)
EVs: 252 HP | 4 SpAtk | 252 SpDef
Rest | Sleep Talk
Ice Beam | Thunderbolt

Anddddddd here is the descriptions.
Golurk is my lead. Stealth Rock is my only hazard. Earthquake gains STAB. My main attacking move. Dynamic Punch confuses the oponent while dealing a huge damage. Stone Edge is for coverage. Mainly EdgeQuake coverage. Adamant nature with 252 Atk EVs give me a huge power 2HKOing almost everything. Sometimes OHKO. 252 HP EVs gives to Golurk more survivability alongside with Leftovers. 4 Spd EVs allows me outspeed other Golurks without speed investment. I can also for spinblocking.
Alomomola is my healer. Wish heals off any allies to full HP while can be used to heal itself too. Waterfall gains STAB and is the only move that can be used when is taunted. Toxic kills the oponent little per turn. Protect helps Toxic dealing damage every turn and helps also Wish heal itself. 252 HP EVs alongside with 252 Def EVs and Impish nature max out her defense taking out many physical hit with ease. Even a Golurk with 252 Atk EVs, Adamant nature, Life Orb, Iron Fist boosted Focus Punch fails to OHKO she.
Linoone is my sweeper. Belly Drum maximizes his attack at cost of 25% HP(Belly Drum cuts the own HP by 50% but the Sitrus Berry heals off 25% of this damage). ExtremeSpeed is my main move. Priority, STAB and max out Atk. ExtremeSpeed can also 2HKO Alomomola with 252 HP / 252+ Def without Stealth Rock damage. Dig can take Rock- or Steel-types with super effective damage. Yes, many oponents may switch into Flying-types or other type that is not very effective but if they switch, I can finish off with ExtremeSpeed. Don't be fooled guy. Shadow Claw hits Ghost-types with super effective damage that is immune to the ExtremeSpeed.
Swellow is my other sweeper. Facade is my main move. Everyone knows that after the Flame Orb activates, the ability Guts will activate and the Facade gets doubled power by its own effects. It gains STAB also. Aerial Ace is prefered over Brave Bird because the recoils are unfavorable because Flame Orb will take my own HP already. U-turn allows me switch into any pokemon dealing a bit of damage and OHKO it. Mainly pokemons that resist the STAB like Rock- and Steel-types.
Gardevoir is my special sweeper. It seems I have a lot of sweepers lol. I can use to revenge kill also. Psychic is the main move that gains STAB. Focus Blast can hit Steel- and Dark-types that resist or is immune the Psychic. Signal Beam can take other Psychic-types that resist the Psychic. Thunderbolt is for those annoying Water-types around NU.
Regice is my special wall. Just simple. ResTalk w/ BoltBeam. EVs giving max SpDef n' a little of SpAtk.

My team inishes here... Please rate me. Enjoy :D

This is a bonus:

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Actually, Gluttony Linoon can have E-speed, it's just Quick Feet Linoone that can't, if I am not mistaken.
I say Gluttony is useful more often.
Pickup only has minor situational use. And anyways, I don't care if I grab a Salac Berry from it (probably the best item you can get with Pickup besides a Lum Berry or a random Sitrus), I'm Extremespeeding anyways. And Linoone can outrun all +0 Ghosts and Rocks, and those are the only guys I'm not using Extremespeed on.
Well, you'll eat the Berry anyways after a Belly Drum, so at least use the ability with minor situational use than a useless one. Riles, you'll ALWAYS eat the Sitrus after a Belly Drum, even without Gluttony.
Oops, I thought Sitrus was 25% of HP it activates.
Nvm then, go Pickup.
No dig. Seed bomb on linoone.

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