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I have had countless experiences battling rain and sun and sand teams(don't see hail much). They are extremely hard to deal with and break you if you don't have a counter team to change the weather. For this reason I have made a team to break the weather and what would normally be a powerful team, shall be rendered useless.
1. Kill the weather bringer(politoed, ninetales, tyranitar, etc.)
2. Send in Blissey
3. Render the team useless and finish it off
Now that I've shown you my analysis, lets get on with the team shall we?

[email protected]
Trait: Natural Cure
EVs: 252 HP 252 spd 4 def
Calm Nature
-Sunny Day
-Rain Dance
-Seismic Toss

An odd set for a Blissey eh. Well let me explain why this set looks so horrid.
I needed a bulky weather setter and I asked myself, why not use the pink blob. Once I take out the bringer(politoed, ninetales). I can screw them over. Since sun screws rain teams and vice versa, I can easily take out the team. The EVs look crappy as well but I wanted the bulkiest special wall I could get. Softboiled makes special attackers cry after all their hardwork and seismic toss is so I don't get to useless. The MVP of this team, and also useless once it completes its job xD.

[email protected] Berry
Trait: Justfied
EVs: 252 HP 252 atk 4 spe
Adamant Nature
-Close combat
-Stone edge
-Swords Dance
-Rock polish

Yes, call me an idiot as much as you want but this set works almost, if not better, than the scarf or band set. My EVs also look crappy. Allow me to explain...
If the opponent starts setting, I can easily set up my two dances. Once that's done I can easily sweep with my balling STABs. My Evs also look crappy. Why do I not spend in speed you ask? After a rock polish, do I REALLY need to spend evs on speed. Instead why don't I spend it on my bulk so I can actually set up more efficiently. After the double dances this guy is unstoppable until a priority user comes along and kills me with all my defense drops from close combat.

[email protected] Scarf
Trait: Thick Fat
EVs: 252 atk 252 spe 4 HP
Adamant Nature
-Icicle crash
-Stone edge

Damn! this guy takes on rain and sun pokes like a boss. With scarf equipped he wont be outsped much. Ground typing takes down: Fire sun users, toxicroak. Ice typing takes out: Grass Sun-users, dragonite. I just love this guy nuff said.

[email protected] Belt
Trait: Levitate
EVs: 252 spa 252 spe 4 HP
Modest nature
-Dragon pulse
-HP fire

This guy serves as two things: A fighting counter, which my team doesn't appreciate and a dragon type, which I somehow manage to get one in my teams. Not much else can explain this boss.

[email protected]
Trait: Levitate
EVs: 252 HP 164 spd 92 def
Bold Nature
-Hydro pump
-Volt switch
-Pain split

Serving me as my burner to relieve me from physical attackers that can hurt this team quite a bit. Once again I really can't say much about this guy. I just love him :D

[email protected]
EVs: 248 satk 152 HP 54 SpD 54 Spe
Modest nature
-Fiery dance
-Giga drain
-Quiver Dance

I'm a dumbass for not using this in the start. Volcarona is doing amazing on this team. Credit to Leboss.

Well tell me what you think :D

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Hmm... Try a Sub Salac SD set on Terrakion... this one looks good, but wont appreciate a Scizor switch-in...
exactly what I said
Is this a doubles team? If it isn't, Healer is otherwise useless. Go with Natural Cure if this is a singles instead (I didn't see you say if this was a doubles). Also, Soul Dew would probably do better on Latios. HP Fire will OHKO Scizor anyway.
Oh I thought Healer would help my teammates. And Soul dew is only allowed in ubers as it is to powerful for the pokemon of OU to handle
I'm thinking of replacing yanmega, I could use some help
If only Golduck, Lickilicky or Altaria were in OU, you could use their Cloud Nine ability. Strange they are not higher considering how popular weather is in OU...
Cloud nine is useless as the weather effects still stay after they faint
this team is EXTREMELY weak to volcarona... if it comes in and gets 2 Quiver dances, you're screwed... as most of the bugs run QD, Giga drain, Fiery Dance, and Bug buzz... just throwing that out there...
No chlorophyll OR swift swim....
Mamo counters rain teams?
well it takes out dragonite and mabye toxicroak
why do people downvote D:
I've seen worse teams with 2-3 upvotes.
Seriously guys the team may not be anything special though that doesn't make it worse than some of the many crappy teams posted each day...
Honestly I know this team sucks, but I tried to design it to combat weather(except rain) so please don't express your unliking in unnecessary downvoting
What are you doing? i specifically gave Volcarona 108 Spe EVs to outspeed Max (non scarfed) Poli, who has fun with Volca and abuses Hydro Pump >.>

Either take away some SAtk EVs or run Timid...
oh I never new if that meant speed or special defense, so I put both
To be honest how often do you see Politoed running max speed? The most you will ever see it run is 40 Speed evs as it being a weather starter needs bulk to survive the duration of the battle. That and the fact a speedy Poli doesn't acheive that much.

Surely the title should be no weather inducer for you? :)
naw, I like to terminate weather and make them cry which they oftenly do
Actually, this one guy started raging on me in the main server, and I had to get a mod to calm him down, all because I took out his ninetales with scarfed mamo, and then ruined his whole team with rain dance

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