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Bold (+defence-attack)
EV: 252 defence and 252 sp attack
Item: Black sludge
Moves: Flamethrower
Sludge Bomb
Pain Split

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Bold (+defence-attack)
EV: 252 defence and 252 sp attack
Item: Damp Rock
Moves: Hurricane
Rain Dance

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Modest (+sp attack-attack)
EV: 252 sp attack and 252 HP
Item: Heat Rock
Moves: Sunny Day
Leech Seed

enter image description here
Adamant (+attack-sp attack)
EV: 252 attack and 252 speed
Item: Sharp Beak
Moves: Toxic
Brave Bird

enter image description here
Bold (+defence-attack)
EV: 252 defence and 252 HP
Item: Eviolite
Moves: Giga Drain
Solar Beam
Sunny Day

enter image description here
Calm (+sp defence-attack)
EV: 252 sp defence and 252 sp attack
Item: Light Clay
Moves: Psychic
Heal Bell
Thunder Wave

Writing it out makes me think it's extremely bad so I'm happy to accept any changes except getting rid of Pelipper, if I have to base my team around it I will, I just need to have Pelipper.
I originally thought of starting with my tank, Weezing but now might put up Exeggutor with the Sunny Day, Thanks

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I'm sorry, but I won't keep Pelipper. It's the only thing that's keeping me from rating. Also, don't post this on Smogon if you don't know anything about competitive (too late..).
"I'm really new to competitive battling and just need some guidance with my NU team" Jcm I'm assuming you've down voted. Maybe a bit critical to who ever did as it doesn't deserve it and clearly isn't very helpful considering hes new to competitive battling. I have said it before and I will say it again, despite this being maybe not such a great team in comparison to the greats you will see on Smogon it is much better than half the teams posted everyday on this website. Posting on Smogon is great for getting advice when your getting 100 views + each hour from people with twice the knowledge than 99% of this sites users so I don't see your point Jcm :D
Blob, it's really hard for me to not be critical, it's in my gene, sowwwy. And they also locked up his RMT, just saying.
So you have no advice at all?
I have a lot, but I can't rate if you're forcing me to keep Pelliper.
not on any specific pokemon?
Well, I can't really rate without replacing Pokemon because Pelipper brings a lot of synergy problems.
Rate my team Questions shouldnt even be perfect, and cant be perfect
And if it IS perfect, there is no need to ask for suggestions
So downvoting any non perfect team is prob the dumbest thing to do here
You can also replace some pokemon if it does a better role

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