Pokémon Rate My Team
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A Fire and Grass type deck that can pack a punch with multiple strategies

Braixen ×2
Chespin ×2
Fennekin ×2
Float Stone
Genesect ×2
Genesect ×2
Gold Potion
Max Potion
Pokémon Catcher
Pokémon Center
Quilladin ×2
Reshiram EX
Shaymin EX
Silver Mirror
Super Rod ×2
Town Map
Victini ×2
Victini EX
Virizion EX
Fire Energy ×9
Grass Energy ×15

  • Genesect + Virizion EX: Call for Family attack to find Virizion EX to do its Emerald Slash to power up Genesect with energy for its Jet Impact attack.
  • Shaymin EX + Iris: If the opponent has taken prize cards, Revenge Blast does more and even more with Iris or use Iris on another Pokémon.
  • Victini+ Colress: Both benefit from a full bench (which I have a lot). Victini does 100 damage and Colress gives me a brand new hand, great for when I have a lot of cards.
  • Victini + Chesnaught/ Reshiram EX/ Both Genesect: All benefit from a coin flip.

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Cool, a Pokemon deck!

First of all, you might want to organize the deck a little bit. It’s easier for the rater to read if you separate the Pokemon and Trainers cards. For example,

Pokemon: 3
Zekrom-EX x3

Trainers: 2
Cheren x2

Now on to the deck! The main strategy seems to Victory Star Victini. So have 4 Victory Star Victinis (Victini’s). And take out the Delphox line. I know it’s a cool pokemon and all, but it doesn’t support any of the strategies in the deck and takes up precious space. Also take out non-Plasma Blast Genesect. It adds little to the deck and there are better cards that could benefit from extra coin flips. Like Torterra- http://www.serebii.net/card/plasmastorm/003.shtml. Rumble Stomp can do potentially a lot of damage with Victini. Add 1 more Virzion-EX, 1 more Victini-EX, and 1 more Reshiram-EX. That’s it for the Pokemon. Onto the Trainers….

Take out Caitlin and Max potion and add 2 more Eviolites. Add 2 more Colress’s and 2 Cheren’s to keep that hand full.  2 Switches are needed to help with those high retreat costs from the starters. Add 2 more Pokemon Catchers to deal with countermeasures. Keep the Gold Potion and Pokemon Center, and throw another Potion in. Lastly, add another Iris to revenge-kill
   Finally, the Energy Spread. In a 2 type deck, you generally only need about 15 energy. So I’m going to put it at 16; 9 Grass and 7 Fire.

Here’s the deck list-

Pokemon: 23
Torterra x 1
Grotle x 2
Turtwig x 2
Virizion-EX x 2
Reshiram-EX x 2
Victini x 4
Genesect x 2
Shaymin-EX x 1
Victini-EX x 2
Chespin x 2
Quiladin x 2
Chesnaught x 1

Trainers: 21
Super Rod x 2
Colress x 3
Switch x 2
Eviolite x 3
Cheren x 2
Town Map x 1
Float Stone x 1
Pokemon Center x 1
Gold Potion x 1
Pokemon Catcher x 3
Iris x 2
Potion x 2

Energy Cards: 16
Grass Energy x 9
Fire Energy x 7

Hope I helped. :)

Thanks. I'll take some of the suggestions. :)