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Goodra @Assault Vest
(+Sp Def/-Att)
trait: Sap Sipper
Evs: Mostly special att, then split rest on HP and Sp def.

-Sludge Bomb
-Dragon Pulse
-Ice Beam

Basically helps absorb grass types, special tank to take special hits and try to deal some damage back

Dusclops @Eviolite
Trait: pressure
Evs: 172HP, 120Def, 218SpDef

-Will o wisp
-Rest/pain split
-Night Shade (seismic toss was only available through tutor in 3rd gen)
-(status move) (need help with last slot, would have loved skills swap but no 3rd gen. Maybe embargo?)

Defensive and inflicts burns. sleep off damage or pain split. Night shade for good damage. Walled by normal types though.

Mawile @Mawilite
(+Att/-Sp Att)
Trait: Intimidate (pure power)
Evs: 252 Att, 252 Hp, 4 Def

-Swords dance
-Sucker punch
-Iron Head
-Play rough

Megaevolve, swords dance, sweep unsuspecting teams. Can be countered easily though unfortunately.

Rotom (w) @Wide Lens
(+Sp Att/-Att)
Evs:252 Sp Att, 252 Hp, 4 Def
Trait: levitate

-Will o Wisp

More burn damage and electric/water coverage. bulky water type with one weakness.

Greninja @expert belt (Any better item? maybe life orb)
(+Sp Att/-Att)
Trait: Protean
Evs: 252 Sp Att, 252 Sp, 4 Hp

-Ice beam
-Dark Pulse
-Grass knot

Straight coverage. Can be a late game cleaner.

My last slot is rather open between:

-covers weakness to water/ground/rock well.
-adds fighting type to help even more with coverage

-Straight up sweeper
-Doesn't help weakness to fairy and ice
-adds electric immunity

-Bulky tank
-Fighting type helps with coverage
-can learn elemental punches
-Mach punch/drain punch/bulk up/elemental punches/Iron fist ability.

-scarfed becomes interesting factor
-becomes dependant on other team
-not great synergy with current team I feel.

If I could get help on the last Poke and even on the previous ones I'd be appreciative.


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