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I love this team so much because of the many different options that it has. I can take three approaches to a match. I determine which I want in the team preview. On to the team.

The Team:
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Politoed @ Sitrus Berry
Shiny: Yes
Ability: Drizzle
EV(s): 220 HP, 96 Defense, 192 Special Defense
Modest nature
Icy Wind
Perish Song

Bulky enough, and uses predictions so i really couldn't afford to carry protect. An interesting set of moves. I will go into these choices later.

enter image description here
Beartic @ Life Orb
Shiny: Yes
Ability: Swift Swim
EV(s): 60 HP, 252 Attack, 196 Speed
Adamant nature
Aqua Jet
Icicle Crash
Play rough

When in rain he outspeeds and KOs Mega Salamence. However he is still very slow and under speeds Bisharp and Rotom out side of rain. Adds a nice surprise element to the team. Moves are pretty standard, but then again Beartic is not standard.

enter image description here
Gothitelle @ Leftovers
Shiny: Yes
Ability: Shadow Tag
EV(s): 236 HP, 136 Defense, 136 Special Defense
Sassy nature
Heal Pulse/ Thunder Wave
Trick Room

A key member to this team with the valuable Shadow Tag ability and Trick Room. Can't decide between Thunder Wave or Heal Pulse.

enter image description here
Aggron @ Aggronite
Shiny: Yes
Ability: Sturdy --> Filter
EV(s): 252 Attack, 252 Special Defense, 4 HP
IV(s): 0 Speed
Brave nature
Iron Head
Aqua Tail
Rock Slide/ Ice Punch

The Mega of the team. I couldn't ask for anymore out of a Mega. Does great damage with Adamant max attack. Between Filter and the rain he essentially has no fire weakness. Iron Head is STAB. Aqua Tail is boosted in the Rain and is good coverage. Can't decide between Rock Slide and Ice Punch. In trick room Rock Slide will almost always go first and has a nice flinch chance. Ice Punch is Ice Punch. Min speed to excel in TR, and nail Aegislash in Blade form.

enter image description here
Sylveon @ Choice Specs
Shiny: Yes
Ability: Pixilate
EV(s): 100 HP, 228 Defense, 180 Special Attack
Modest nature
Hyper Voice
Shadow Ball
Hidden Power (Ground)/(Ice)/(Fire)

EVs to survive Iron Head from Bisharp. Standard Moveset, can decide on my HP type right now, I've wished that I have had all. Still does great damage with Modest and Choice Specs.

enter image description here
Rotom-Heat @ Safety Goggles
Shiny: Yes
Ability: Levitate
EV(s): 252 HP, 96 Defense, 116 Special Defense, 44 Speed
Calm nature

A fairly standard set, except Thunder replaced Thunderbolt, allowing it to deal additional information and make the most of the Rain. Also me to kill Amoonguss, who is a threat.

I did not give very much information about the Pokemon, their Sets, their purpose, and how they fit into the team. I will post an answer (or 2) later on what their EV sets are for, teambuilding, leads, threatlist, and generally how the matches go.

Thank You for reading and make sure you stay tuned!

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The team building process:

I saw Beartic with his awesome ability and typing. I had to build a team featuring him.
Beartic's ability is Swift Swim, there is no better Rain setter than Politoed.
Cresselia is an amazing trick room setter which complements Beartic's slow speed.
I knew that Politoed had access to Perish Song. My mind was racing, I knew what I had to do. Gothitelle! Another incredible Psychic type trick room setter, with his ability Shadow Tag, I could add the Perish-Trap element to my team, to remove key opponent who threaten your team, or Megas.
Every Rain Team needs a fire type Pokemon. Also I wanted a Pokemon who was key in taking advantage of the Rain, and could also work outside of Trick Room. Furthermore, this Pokemon really needed to be a hard core Amoonguss counter. With those requirements only one Pokemon came to the table, and that was the haunted oven, Rotom-Heat.
I needed some serious fire power on the team, at this point. Another Pokemon great in and out of Trick Room. I came upon Sylveon who offers great power and bulk. Really works well with the team, with it's few weaknesses.
At this point I had 5 of my Pokemon and no mega Pokemon. I added Aggron, at the last second, so this one is very much subject to change. However he fit the bill nicely with minimal speed, his high attack and his monster Defense and Special Defense (with investment), are all nice perks. However I have really considered Mega-Mawile or even a no mega team.

As I previously said this team has 3 modes, and these three different formats are clearly shown in the leads.

This is my rain lead. Politoed sets the stage with Drizzle. Beartic takes advantage and proceeds to reck. In the back I have Rotom-Heat and Sylveon/Mega-Aggron for this one.

1 or 1 + 1
This is my trick room lead that I use against speedy teams. For this one I have Gothitelle, Beartic, Mega-Aggron, and Sylveon 99% of the time.

1 + 1
My Perish Trap lead. Between Encore + Protect + Healing Pulse + Leftovers (On Gothitelle) and Sitrus Berry (On Politoed), I can easily stall out the three turns of Perish Song. On the third turn, I switch Politoed out, and use Healing Pulse with Gothitelle, so the switching in Pokemon is not punished that much. On the 3rd turn the opponent will be expected the double switch and really would want to hurt those switching in Pokemon, also by sacking Gothitelle to Perish Song allows a free switch in to Politoed the next turn. Then Politoed comes back in once it is 3-2, and uses Perish Song, so the opponent is on a 3 turn countdown, and with Mega-Aggron's, Rotom Heat's, and Sylveon's bulk, and Aggron and Rotom-Heat knowing Protect it is almost impossible for the opponent to win. For these games I always bring Politoed, Aggron, and Gothitelle, with the last one being Sylveon or Rotom-Heat.


Public Enemy #1:


I frickin hate this guy. Forces me into the ever annoying weather war. Hits half of my team super effectively. However once I get Trick Room or Rain up, he becomes very manageable.

Public Enemy #2:


A real pain, as I have no fighting moves on my team. I need to fix that, but I don't know how. Anyway, I have no real way to take her down, while she deals massive damage to my entire team.

Public Enemy #3:


One of the reasons that I kept Mega-Mawile off this team, is because of how much of a threat Bisharp is to my team. Again I really need a fighting move (or two) in order to nail Pokemon such as Bisharp. Furthermore he hits half of team super effectively.

Once again I am at the 8000 word limit. So thank you for reading once more, I hope this gave you a better understanding of my team. I will post another answer or add in the comments: What the EV spreads are meant to survive, and possible replacements.

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