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Looking through all the sets since I've last played. And since I like making decks, I decided to make some theoretical decks. Only card from the Neo series allowed, meaning Genesis, Discovery, Revelation, and Destiny. However, Energy from previous series as well as the Mysterious Fossil card are allowed.

Pokemon: 20

x4 Cyndaquil (Lv 21) (Genesis)-The best of the Cyndaquil. It has a one for 20 attack with only a chance of having an energy being discarded. Even if the energy is discarded, it can just be brought back later by Typhlosion. It also has 10 more HP than the other two. Needed for evolution.
x2 Quilava (Lv 35) (Genesis)-Hell yeah. Smokescreen is always a great attack and Char is just awesome, as the foe is KOd if it isn't brought back to the hand. Needed for evolution.
x2 Dark Quilava (Destiny)-It can use the Darkness Energy and can hit for up to 100 damage with two energy. Energy discarded can just be brought back by Typhlosion.
x1 Typhlosion (Lv 55) (Genesis)-Great card as it solves the problem that had always plauged Fire types: How to get Energy to fuel their attacks? The answer was to get them from the discard pile with Typhlosion. If need be, it can also go into battle with a four for 60 or 80
x1 Dark Typhlosion (Destiny)-It better be powerful if it has the same name as our top member's username. It goes great with standard Typhlosion. Dark Typhlosion does a ton of damage (a coin flip for 40 damage for each energy discarded) and then those energies can just be recovered. Combined with the ability to use Darkness Energy, Dark Typhlosion can destroy any foe potentially. It is my best chance at defeating Feraligatr, the main enemy of my Fire types.
x2 Houndour (Lv 15) (Discovery)-Not as good as the Fire type Houndour, but this one has no weakness, so it provides a better chance to survive in the early game against a Water type deck. At least its second attack is able to get rid of Gold Berries the foe might have.
x1 Houndoom (Discovery)-No weakness allows it to help me out against Water type decks. It also resists Psychic. Crunch can allow Houndoom to do a huge amount of damage, especially with Darkness Energy attached. Flamethrower is a solid three for 50, and the energy discarded can be recovered by Typhlosion.
x2 Magby (Genesis)-My way of taking down Feraligatr. I can count on Dark Typhlosion to at least do 80 damage. This leaves Feraligatr with about 30-40 HP left (depending on use of Darkness Energy). Since Feraligatr has just used its attack, there won't be any energy in the discard pile. So Magby can come in and use its attack to stop Feraligatr from using its Pokemon Power. As such, its Riptide will probably only be doing 10 damage each turn thanks to Magby having no weakness. Hell, it might not even be doing any damage thanks to Magby's Baby Pokemon protection. Magby also lets me handle foes like Dark Gengar, Suicune, and Meganium.
x2 Magmar (Genesis)-Can be used as a decent Basic, what with 70 HP and a decent three for 40 attack. But I can also evolve it from Magby in case Magby is about to go down, which delays my opponent's collecting of a Prize.
x3 Entei (lv 38) (Revelation)-A great card, especially to start with. If I play my cards right, I can easily power up my Fire types after only one turn. It also has a good three for 60 attack, where the discarded energies can be recovered by Typhlosion.
x1 Ho-oh (lv 45) (Revelation)-A risky powerhouse. It has 90 HP and resistance to Fighting. However, it has two attacks needing coin flips. I hopefully can get Ho-oh in early, get in an Entei to charge it up, then take down my foe's basics almost as soon as the game starts. I only have one in this deck due to its risk and high energy usage.

Trainers: 19

x4 Mary (Genesis)-Nice drawing, saving useless cards for later when I need them.
x4 Gold Berry (Genesis)-Heals my Pokemon. This mainly helps when Typhlosion gets in battle, as a heads on its attack causes 20 damage in recoil.
x4 Time Capsule (Genesis)-Gets me back any Pokemon that were discarded by Dark Quilava or Entei.
x3 New Pokedex (Genesis)-Lets me know when to use Entei or Dark Quilava for maximum effect.
x2 Focus Band (Genesis)-Usually Trainers that require a coin flip to work are bad. Focus Band is no exception. However, when used along with Magby, it gives enough of a chance at survival to be used.
x2 Professor Elm (Genesis)-Card drawing.

Energy: 21

x17 Fire Energy-Needed.
x4 Darkness Energy (Neo 1)-Needed for Houndoom. However, it also boosts the attack of my Pokemon. Dark Quilava, Dark Typhlosion, Houndour, and Houndoom are the only ones that don't get the negative side effect though.

This deck has Typhlosion and Entei providing Dark Typhlosion and Ho-oh with the Energy needed to rip through my foes.

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I can only offer two suggestions:

1.) Replace the dark energies with special darkness energies
2.) Make the name of the pokemon/trainer, supporter, stadium/energy bolded.
1.Back then, there were no standard Dark energies. There were only the Special Darkness Energies.

2. Good idea. Thanks.
Im having a hard time finding the old cards.

That's why i havent answerd your tcg questions.
I figured people might have some trouble finding them so I posted the link to the serebii cardex.

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As solid as this deck is, I think taking out Ho-oh (Whoa! 3 Attacks!) can help increase this decks flow. Houndoom is great and reliable- and can hit hard with Light Arcanine. It brings up some type of Pokemon in for the kill. Typhlosion is there to bring back Fire Energies- which seems to be a common strategy for generations to come. I think the pokemon fit together very well. Magby’s not going to help in this deck, stopping all Pokepowers from working. Yet I mourn his loss.

Pretty similar deck-making. I’m sorry I haven’t changed much of anything. Mary and Gold Berry are self-explanatory; but I’m not loving this Time Capsule. I really wished there was switch in these series- that would be great; but instead I get Balloon Berry, which is pretty nice too. Focus Band to bring my opponents HP down, which would be very helpful in today’s modern battling style with these pokemon with over 150 HP...

Energies are also self-explanatory, a lot of Fire Energies, and 4 Darkness energy.

Pokemon: 20
x4 Cyndaquil (#56) (Genesis)- Needed for evolution.
x2 Quilava (#47) (Genesis)- Lol. “Char counter”. Like confusion, but it last until its KOed or Scooped up.
x2 Dark Quilava (#39) (Destiny)- Not a very reliable source. It can help deck someone- wether it be the opponent or the user.
x2 Typhlosion (#17) (Genesis)- Helps the user bring back all my discarded energies. Meant to be keep on the bench! Great supporter, and has the potential to do 80 damage if it comes down to it. Typhlosions tend to bring back energies and is the back-bone of a lot of fire decks.
x1 Dark Typhlosion (#10) (Destiny)- Quick attacker. Discards energies, but at the cost of 40 to the opponent, which is brought back by it’s brother, Typhlosion.
x2 Growlithe (#68) (Destiny)- Needed for evolution.
x1 Light Arcanine (#12) (Destiny)- Drive off can help with Gentle Flame. It can bring up a stage 1 or stage 2 to attack with a blowing 50 damage. But if only a basic is up, 30 shall work as well.
x2 Houndour (#24) (Discovery)- Smog poisons the opponent. Collect Fire is another way to help power-up the soon-to-be Houndoom.
x1 Houndoom (#23) (Discovery)- Wow. This guy can hit hard! Crunch can power-up which ever attack is chosen to be use by 20. Flamethrower does 50 (or 70) with a discarded energy (which can get back later).
x2 Magmar (#40) (Genesis)- Good attacker. No strings attached. No discarding energy, no damage on itself, no discarding. Decent HP and decent attacks that can hit hard.
x2 Entei (#6) (Genesis)- Nice power-house. It can can do a searing 60 damage at the loss of 2 energies. Great for starting the game with the help of Howl.

Trainers, Supporters, and Stadiums: 21
x4 Mary- As you said, great for drawing.
x2 PokéGear- It’s a trainer that gets you a trainer.
x2 Card-Flip Game- You get to look at your opponents prize card either way, and if you guess right, you get 2 cards. A win-win situation.
x2 Gold Berry- This makes the pokemon feel alive; healing 40/80 damage in-between turns.
x2 New Pokédex- I was hoping there would be one of these in the series. It helps get the right card out there by the next turn, if you don’t have to shuffle your deck. Works great with Mary.
x2 Prof. Elm- To get a new hand or not to get a new hand. That is the question. I recommend using this card a lot.
x2 Super Rod- It gets the evolutions, specifically of Houndoom/Typhlosion/Light Arcanine, out of the discard pile and into my hand.
x1 Rocket’s Hideout- This only affects Dark Quilava/Typhlosion, but they get an additional 20 HP, and that could be the difference between Life+Death.
x2 Focus Band- Makes an easy KO. Not much else to say.
x2 Balloon Berry- Next best thing to Switch. It helps get those heavy-retreat costed pokemon out of there.

Energies: 19
x4 Darkness Energies- Needed to attack.
x15 Fire Energies- Needed to attack.

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God, I'm so sorry that I finished this so dang late!