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Only Cards From Emerging Powers are allowed, but energy, Item and Trainer cards from other versions are allowed.

4x Roggenrola- 60 HP Basic needed for evolution
3x Boldore- Helps me deal with fighting resistance decks. Also has a solid 3 for 80
1x Gigalith- Has a 3 for up to 120 attack, along with Shear.
2x Drillbur- 70 HP basic with a one for 40 after hone claws
1x Excadrill- 110 HP with a 1 for 30 and a 3 for 80
3x Sandile- Needed for Evolution
2x Krokorok- A good 1 for 20 attack. Needed for evolution
1x Krookodile- A great ability whch allows you to discard an energy card from your opponent, with a 3 for 70 attack.
3x Throh- A great 2 for 30 attack which has the chance of preventing the opponent from attacking the next turn.

19 Pokemon

20 Fighting Energy

3x Oracle
2x Super Rod
4x Max Potion
2x Mr. Stone's Project
2x Energy Restore
1x Expert Belt
1x Stark Mountain
2x Revive
2x Recycle
2x Pokemon Catcher

21 Trainers

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I like this deck, but I fear it may be too basic.
I would take out the Gigalith evolution, Krookodile evolution.

That creates room for 14 card.

I think, although the Gigalith and Krookodile evolutions are helpful and high in HP, they take to long to build up and can be taken out early, and just not as useful as say, the Gothitelle evolution. It doesn’t take much energy to build it up, and if using all psychic energies, it starts off doing 60 damage. Gothorita is helpful by confusing your opponents pokemon- which is very annoying when you are confused. Excadrill is very helpful doing 30 for 1, and 80 for 3 and discarding a energy attached to the defending pokemon. Throh and Sawk for back-up, and then there’s Terrakion. Boulder Crush is helpful doing 40 for 2, but Sacred Sword is amazing. Sure you can only use it every other turn, but for 100 damage, you’ll be sweeping- doing 140 every two turns knocks out the majority of cards.

I would Swap these cards: Energy Restore with Night Maintenance, Revive for Rare Candy, Recycle for Bebe’s Search, Max Potions for Cheren (if you don’t have this, Bill also works).

I think only 2 Oracles are needed. I think it would be helpful to exchange those Expert Belt for 2 Professor Oaks New Theory would be a good exchange.

Not much said for energies. Add 2 Double Colorless Energies, and split the remaining number in half.

Pokemon: 21
x3 Drillbur
x2 Excadrill
x4 Gothita
x3 Gothorita
x3 Gothitelle
x2 Terrakion
x2 Throh
x2 Sawk

Trainers, Supporters, and Stadiums: 21
x2 Oracle
x2 Super Rod
x4 Cheren (or Bill)
x2 Mr. Stones Project
x2 Night Maintenance
x2 Prof. Oaks New Theory
x1 Stark Mountain
x2 Rare Candy
x2 Bebe’s Search
x2 Pokemon Catcher

Energies: 18
x2 Double Colorless
x8 Psychic
x8 Fighting

I Hope this is helpful!

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