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Only Cards From Emerging Powers are allowed, but energy, Item and Trainer cards from other versions are allowed.

4x Cobalion- A 2 for 30 attack that also acts like a Gust Of Wind, and with another 3 for 100 attack. Can be a good defensive force with Special Metal Energy and Eviolite
4x Klink- Needed for Evolution
3x Klang- Needed for Evolution
2x Klinklang- A 1 for 30 attack that can retrieve an energy from the discard pile, and a solid 3 for 80.
3x Ferroseed- Needed for Evolution
2x Ferrothorn- A 1 for up to 90 attack, and another 3 for 60 that acts like a Double Gust.

18 Pokemon

3x Eviolite
4x Oracle
4x Max Potion
4x Energy Charge
3x Super Rod
3x Cyrus's Initiative
3x Leftovers
1x Meteor Falls
2x Energy Charge

27 Trainers

4 Special Metal Energy
11 Basic Metal Energy

15 Energy

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