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Only cards from Ex Ruby & Sapphire, Ex Sandstorm, Ex Dragon, and Ex Team Magma vs Team Aqua allowed. However, energy from previous sets are also allowed.

Pokemon: 17

x3 Treecko (Dragon)-Resistance to Water. Needed for evolution.
x2 Grovyle (80 HP) (R&S)-Natural Cure protects from Special Conditions. Resistance to Water. Needed for evolution.
x1 Sceptile ex (MvA)-Green Heal is great, removing four damage counters from each of my Pokemon with Grass Energy. Poison Ring is solid. A three for 40 that Poisons and prevents the foe from retreating. Slashing Strike is a decent five for 100. 150 HP and resistance to Water makes Sceptile a great member of my team.
x2 Lileep (Amnesia) (Sandstorm)-Needed for evolution.
x2 Cradily (Sandstorm)-A great Pokemon. Lure Poison works out great. First it has a Gust of Wind effect and then it poisons. Super Suction Cups prevents my foe from switching their Pokemon out, meaning it takes a beating from poison and Spiral Drain.And Spiral Drain is a good attack, a three for 50 that removes two damage counters from Cradily.
x3 Roselia (Dragon)-A 60 HP basic that can't be affected by Special Conditions. Speed Growth helps me out early on, setting up my bench for later. Sceptile ex especially loves Roselia. Sleep Powder is a solid one for 10 that puts the foe to sleep.
x2 Illumise (Sandstorm)-A 60 HP basic. With Volbeat out it takes less damage from Fighting and Dark. Not the best ability of all time, but it is somewhat useful. Chaotic Noise is a nice stall tactic, either confusing or putting the foe to sleep. This helps set up Pester, which does 20 more damage if the foe is affected by a Special Condition, making it a two for 40 attack.
x2 Volbeat (Sandstorm)-A 60 HP basic that has no retreat cost when Illumise is in play. Toxic Vibration either poisons or puts to sleep and makes Pester a two for 40.

Trainers: 22

x4 PokeNav (R&S)-Gets me a card and lets me control my drawing.
x4 Energy Search (R&S)-Gets me Energy into my hand for Roselia.
x4 Root Fossil (Sandstorm)-Needed for evolution.
x4 TV Reporter (Dragon)-Drawing.
x4 Warp Point (MvA)-A Switch and a Gust of Wind rolled into one.
x1 Professor Birch (R&S)-Drawing.
x1 Low Pressure System (Dragon)-Adds 10 more HP to my Grass types and also removes any Stadiums my opponent might have in play. A great card for this deck.

Energy: 21

x21 Grass Energy-Needed.

This deck hits fast and hard. Roselia helps set up my team while Volbeat and Illumise provide some bulk at the start. Then Cradily and Sceptile hit hard and don't let go.

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wow trachy.  how many decks is that?

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