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Any suggestions for this FR/LG Grass TCG Deck?

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Only cards from EX Hidden Legends, EX FireRed and LeafGreen, EX Team Rocket Returns, and EX Deoxys are allowed. However, Energy from previous sets and Basic Fossil Cards are allowed (such as Mysterious Fossil and Root Fossil).

Pokemon: 23

x3 Zubat (HL)- A solid basic. It can do 20 damage for one energy. It also has an attack that puts a card from my opponent's hand back into their deck, causing some problems there. Needed for evolution.
x2 Golbat (Deoxys)-Can't be paralyzed, has a two for 20 that removes one damage counter from Golbat, and has no retreat cost. Needed for evolution.
x1 Crobat ex (Deoxys)-It puts one damage counter on one of my opponent's Pokemon on every one of my turns. Not astouding but it is nice to have. Cross Attack is amazing. Four coin flips and 20 damage for each heads with two or more heads confusing the foe, all for two energy. And if the foe is affected by a Special condition, Pester does 100 damage for three energy. With 130 HP, Fighting resistance, and no retreat cost, Crobat ex is an amazing card.
x3 Oddish (HL)-Needed for evolution.
x2 Gloom (HL)-Cling is a two for 20 that heals Gloom by an equal amount to the damage it did. Double Razor Leaf can do 80 damage for three energy. Needed for evolution.
x1 Bellossom (HL)-Bellossom keeps my Pokemon healthy, healing one of my Pokemon by two damage counters each turn. Miracle Powder is a decent one for 10 that can affect the foe with any Special Condition. Bellossom also has a decent three for 50 attack.
x3 Nincada (Deoxys)-Needed for evolution.
x2 Ninjask (Deoxys)-Fast Protection is great, no damage is taken by attacks from Basic Pokemon. Slash is a solid one for 30, and Swords Dance makes it a one for 80. Ninjask also has no retreat cost.
x2 Surskit (Deoxys)-Agility is a solid attack that can prevent damage. Needed for evolution.
x1 Masquerain (HL)-Whirlwind is decent, a one for 20 that can sometimes have a Gust of Wind effect when used at the right moment. Silver Wind is a nice two for 30 that makes my attacks do 30 more damage the next turn. Add on Fighting resistance and no retreat cost and you have a solid Stage 1.
x2 Grimer (TRR)-Has a Gust of Wind attack. Needed for evolution.
x1 Dark Muk (TRR)-Sticky Goo makes it hard for my opponent to retreat once they've been brought out by Masquerain or Grimer. Slimy Water does anywhere from 20 damage to 70 damage (or less if they manage to turn off Sticky Goo) for two energy. Acidic Poison Burns and Poisons in addition to doing 10 damage. The damage piles up quickly with Muk.

Trainers: 12

x4 Steven's Advice (HL)-Drawing.
x4 Celio's Network (FR&LG)-Getting me the Pokemon I need.
x4 Professor Cozmo's Discovery (Deoxys)-Drawing.

Energy: 25

x23 Grass Energy-Needed.
x2 Darkness Energy (Genesis)-To make my Pokemon hit for more damage, especially with Dark Muk.

This deck might not have all that great of a Basic might but it hits hard with Evolutions. While Bellossom keeps the team healthy, Crobat, Masquerain, Ninjask, and Muk hit hard with little to no retreat cost, switching as needed for the situation.

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