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DISCLAIMER: This WILL be a really long post

To put it simply me and my mate are going to face off in a 1v1 after we beat the game. He will be using a team which I will list, only putting points into speed and Atk/Sp.Atk. I’m not certain what items/moves he will have, but I know all the pokemon. His team will be:

Charizard - (Mega Charizard Y???)

Garchomp - (Also possible Mega)


Cloyster - Really annoying with ice shard



Again, they will ONLY have points in Atk/Sp.Atk and speed.

Now for my team, I was thinking of going K
Klefki - Leftovers/Air Balloon
Probably using spikes, toxic. Possibly thunderwave. EVs: 252 HP / 252 Sp.Def / 4 Def

Heliolisk - Choice Specs/Choice Scarf
Volt Switch
Rain dance
is the moveset I have been looking at.
EVs: 252 Sp.Atk / 252 Spe / 4HP?

Aegislash - Weakness Policy?
King’s Shield
Sacred Sword
Shadow Sneak
Swords Dance?
EVs in HP and Physical Atk Possibly a little in Def

Heracross - Flame orb (Guts ability)
Brick Break/Close Combat
Evs in Atk and Spe

Greninja - ???
Ice Beam
Evs In Sp.Atk and Spe
Couldn’t get my hands on Protean unfortunately, so it’s Torrent.

Krookodile/Chandelure/Drapion, haven’t decided on what to use. Any tips for moves, items, Ev’s, and/or different pokemon to use are really appreciated.
This team might be used for competitive battling if it turns out ok, i’m a beginner when it comes to competitive pokemon, so any help is appreciated!

Thanks in advance

EDIT: As I have stated, I am on pokemon X, which, if you didn’t know, means that I can’t get manectric or thundurus, and thundurus is STILL legendary, which we STILL aren’t allowing... I don’t have access to any of the games these pokemon are available in, so stop asking about it.

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I realize now I wasn’t very specific in the post. The game I'm in is XY. (specifically X on my part, buddy has Y) The battle will be allowing all 6 Pokemon to be used, but one at a time. As this is the first time I’m touching competitive, I’m not sure what this classifies as.

As for the movesets, I have no real plan, although I want some entry hazards up mainly to annoy my opponent. I also want to make some sort of use of Heliolisk’s Dry Skin. Other than that I have just taken inspiration of things I have seen online.

I will try to get Protean on Greninja, although I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to, though I will try breeding him to either jolly or modest, as well as get adamant on Aegislash (which is what I presume KFCutman was saying.)

I also forgot to mention that Greninja is NOT necessary. If there is a better option, I am all for it.
When you can use 6 Pokemon in every battle but only 1 at a time, it's called 6v6 singles.
If you think Greninja with Torrent would be too weak, Azumaril with Huge Power shouldn't be that hard to train. :P

Aegislash does better with Leftovers due to its ability to stall and heal with King's Shield. Most People don't use Aegislash without King's Shield, mostly because Aegislash is slow and frail without it. :P

You shouldn't have Rain Dance on Heliolisk if it has a Choice Item because it is almost never good to be choice locked into a status move. :P
On a side note, is Rain Dance even necessary on Heliolisk to begin with? Dry Skin already healing upon getting hit with a Water type move is really good.
Is Heliolisk even necessary to begin with? Why is he/she/it using it instead of a Manectric or a Thundurus?

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I'll do my best. :P

Heliolisk, Mega Ampharos, Rotom (Wash), or Magnezone are the best non-Legendary Electric-Type Pokémon that are available to you in X. I think Heliolisk is good enough. :P

For Heliolisk, if you use Rain Dance, Give it Leftovers. If you don't use Rain Dance, give it a Choice Scarf, and Replace Rain Dance with Focus Blast or Grass Knot. (Focus Bast is better overall, but Grass Knot is more Accurate).

Most of his team are Dominantly physical Pokémon (Charizard looks to be his only Special Pokémon), so your Klefki should have 252 Def, not SpD, and a Bold Nature, if possible. Give it Foul Play, Spikes, Thunder Wave, and Substitute, and have it hold Leftovers. Spikes hurts a lot of his team, and Thunder Wave+Substitute is for annoying Hax. :P

Aegislash will do better with Leftovers, unless if you are able to spam Autotomize 4 times without being KO'd and have Weakness Policy activate, which is highly unlikely. Swords Dance is a good move for offensive Aegislash. Get an Adamant or Impish nature, if possible.

Heracross does better with Close Combat rather than Brick Break. Replace Mega Horn with Facade (it does more neutral damage). Give Heracross Earthquake and Rock Slide/Stone Edge. Give it an Adamant or Jolly Nature, if possible. While I am all for Guts+Flame Orb, if you want to destroy you're Friend's Charizard, you may consider Scarfing Heracross. Heracross may be slower than Charizard, depending on its Nature, IVs, and EVs, so if you want to be very sure you OHKO it, give Heracross a Choice Scarf and use a Rock move against Charizard. :P

Greninja with Torrent may work out for you in a way. Try to get a Hasty/Naive Nature, if possible. Give Greninja a Focus Sash. Teach it Extrasensory and Rock Slide. Use this spread: 252 SpA, 252 Spe, 4 Atk. If your Greninja's Focus Sash isn't broken, it will 2HKO Charizard and most likely take enough damage to activate Torrent, which powers up Scald (still, don't use water type moves in Harsh Sunlight). Ice Beam Should OHKO Garchomp whether it mega Evolves or not.

Well, it probably is a good idea to get a Ferrothorn of your own. I suggest you use something like this as your 6th Pokémon:

Ferrothorn @ Rocky Helmet
Ability: Iron Barbs
EVs: 248 HP / 8 Atk / 252 Def
Relaxed Nature
IVs: 0 Spe
- Gyro Ball / Power Whip
- Toxic
- Stealth Rock / Ingrain
- Leech Seed / Ingrain

Ingrain/Leech Seed is for Healing. If your freind is only using Speed and Attack EVs, not only would his Ferrothorn be really bad, but it will also kill itself through contact damage on your Ferrothorn. Just Remember, you can't Leech Seed his Ferrothorn, so if you don't run ingrain, watch out for taking too much damage. :P

Your Pokémon are pretty good for countering what you friend has, but the biggest problems I see you having in fighting his team is probably Charizard if it mega Evolves, and Crobat if he can Hax flinch. Otherwise, I think you should do fine. :P

Hope I Helped!

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Holy crap, thanks a lot! Will be using your tips no doubt! You were a huge help! Though I do need a second leftovers and choice scarf, if anyone is willing to trade one to me on x, that would help a lot!
No problem! Good Luck, by the way. :P

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Ingrain is almost always a bad move in singles because it prevents the user from switching. Also, Ferrothorn should have leftovers instead of a rocky helmet because opponents will not very often use contact moves against Ferrothorn. It should know spikes instead of toxic because it'll rarely survive the 6-7 turns necessary for killing an opponent with toxic.
Again sumwun, that would work if I had the means to actually get all this. But I don’t have the time or resources to get 3/4 leftovers, or get spikes on ferrothorn (if he can’t learn it)
In that case, you should use leech seed/protect/gyro ball/power whip. Anything is better than ingrain, even harden.
Also, can you please call me "sumwun" and not "Sumwun"? Thanks.