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Scolipede (F) ( To set up stats )

Item: Focus Sash

Nature: Adamant

Ability: Speed Boost


Swords Dance- To Work Atleast 1 Swords Dance, the Focus Sash is just used as backup incase your going against a Pokémon Scolipede is weak to.

Protect- Works with Scolipede’s Speed Boost ability.

Baton Pass- For Swapping out Safely and not putting the Swords Dance or Speed Boost amplification to waste.

Poison Jab- Scolipede needs some type of attack if it is your last chance at winning the battle and before you use baton Pass you can attempt to poison the other teams Pokémon.

Alakazam (F) ( damage )

Item: Life Orb

Nature: Timid

Ability: Magic Guard


Focus Blast- Very Powerful Attack also works is if Scolipede uses Swords Dance to Boost the attack.

Psychic- One again a very powerful STAB move that can take out a decent amount of Pokémon.

Shadow Ball- Just a Backup for taking out Psychics or Ghosts.

Hidden Power (Psychic)- Just an attack that I thought can be useful but somebody give me suggestions.

Aegislash (M) ( damage )

Item: Weakness Policy

Nature: Adamant

Ability: Stance Change


Kings Shield- Switching Stances from Attack back to Shield form.

Sacred Sword- A powerful attack and the other Pokémon’s stat changes do not affect this attacks damage, getting in a lot of damage and.

Swords Dance- For charging attack if your Scolipede gets knocked out.

Shadow Sneak- If your Aegislash gets out sped by the other Pokémon, this move always goes first, still does high damage.

Ninjask (F) ( very fast attacker )

Item: Life Orb

Nature: Jolly

Ability: Infiltrator


U-Turn- Getting damage in and being able to switch out to another Pokémon.

Aerial Ace- High damaging flying attack that never misses its attacks.

X-Scissor- Powerful Bug type Move, That will do a decent amount of damage to the other Pokémon.

Night Slash- For taking out Psychic Types.

Manectric (M) ( flying type dealer )

Item: Manectite

Ability: Lightning Rod -> Intimidate

Nature: Timid


Volt Switch- Used for getting damage in and getting out without getting touched by the other Pokémon ( unless other Pokémon outspeeds )

Thunderbolt- For taking care of Flying types with ease.

Flamethrower- Taking care of Ice and Grass types.

Hidden Power (Electric)- Another attack for flying types.

Togekiss (M) ( tanky counters a lot aswell )

Item: Leftovers

Ability: Serene Grace

Nature: Bold


Thunder Wave- Paralyzing the other Pokémon and gives you atleast 1 easy hit ( unless the target is really lucky )

Aura Sphere- Strong Damaging attack that never misses, good for taking out Ice Types.

Roost- Healing Togekiss that restores half of its health.

Air Slash- Strong Flying type attack that can make the target flinch.

That is my US team please rate it and tell me what to improve or what to remove.

What format?
Just in general or free battles.

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First answer so I'm sorry if I'm incorrect with anything but here goes.

Scolipede is good except for poison jab. While its a decent attacking move your completely walled by steel types. I know he's for baton pass but just a note.

Alakazam doesn't need 2 psychic moves. Hp should be replaced with any of another move. Energy ball, calm mind, recover, substitute or HP ice/fire.

Aegislash I'm not sure weakness policy is great but it can work. But id replace swords dance with gyro ball for a stab attack. Baton pass and or weakness policy is plenty of a boost. If you choose gyro ball change the nature to brave to increase it's attack power.

Ninjask. Love him. But he doesn't fit. He stacks a rock weakness with scolipede and togekiss while not giving any benefits. I'd replace him with a bulky water type. Rotom wash is a good choice among others. Rotom also provides defog support to help with entry hazards breaking your focus sash and wearing down your team.

Manectric is great except HP. Change it to HP grass or ice for coverage against water/ground types or dragon/ground types that are immune or completely resist your other attacks.

Your togekiss is good.

Again I don't know what format so I can't say if any need replacing otherwise but at first glance those are changes that would help.

I think heat form is the best Rotom. It's better at checking Charizard, Ferrothorn, and maybe also Metagross.