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Yay! Something besides Mewtwo EX! (Mewtwo EX DOMATES, thank you very much.) Anyway, its good to have a back-up deck, so here it is! I hope its good!

Pokemon: 20

2x Kyurem EX (ND)- Main attacker. With the right energy, I can do 120 damage one turn, 60 and discard a special energy, 120, 60, and so on.
2x Kyurem (NV)- Nice guy. I always wanted to include him in a deck. He can spread damage all around.
3x Staryu (ND)- Needed for evolution
2x Starmie (ND)- Can do 50 damage for ONE energy. Good? Totally.
2x Lapras (ND)- Used for its Call of Family to gather more water types into the battle grounds. God help us all.
3x Sewadle (EM)- Needed for evolution
2x Swadloon (NV)- Needed for evolution
2x Leavany (NV)- Leaf Tallor cancels out any weakness, so IMO, good.
2x Virizion (1 EM, 1 NV)- Nice back-up if necessary

Trainers, Supporters, and Stadiums: 22
3x Pokemon Communications- Good to get rid of at the moment, useless cards in exchange for good ones.
1x Switch- Just in case I need to get out of their
2x Pokemon Catchers- To get an easy prize card and to knock out my opponents pokemon their trying to build up. Annoying? Definitely.
4x Cheren- Good drawing cards
2x Eviolites- To soften the blow. I don’t want my Kyurem to be knocked out easily.
2x Cilans- To get the cards I need at a certain time.
2x Prof. Oak New Theory- New hand. Great card-around from the very start
2x Pokemon Collectors- Needed to get basic pokemon cards out of my deck and onto my bench. I love this card.
2x Prof. Elms Training Method- Its gonna be hard to get some of these evolutions.
2x Rare Candy- Used to get to a higher stage. Useful? Yes.

Energies: 18
8x Water Energy- Needed
8x Grass Energy- Needed
2x Double Colorless Energy- Quick way to attack. It can and will be used.

Thanks in advance!

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And its a legit deck, so HG&SS-B&W ND.

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The Grass types don't really add much to this deck and they hinder it actually because of the Energy split. I would get replace the Leavanny line with http://serebii.net/card/blackwhite/032.shtml and its line. Then replace one Virizion for another Kyurem.
For Trainers I would remove Rare Candy and add in one more Pokemon Catcher and one more Pokemon Communications. Rare Candy are not all too useful of a card when you have all the other trainers that can quickly get evolutions into your hand. The other two cards will prove much more useful.
Of course, replace all the Grass Energy with Water Energy. Then replace the final Virizion with another Water Energy.

And there you go. Not much changed, but what is changed should make it perform much better.

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