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I have made way too many posts about the gen 4 Battle Tower, but here is another one. I have made these two teams that should be usable in the Battle Tower, and I wonder which one you prefer and how you could improve on them. And yes Rest + Sleep Talk is better than recover I promise. It activates Marvel Scale too.

Team 1
Nature - Timid
Moves - Focus Miss, Thunderbolt, Destiny Bond, Shadow Ball
Evs - 252 Speed and Special Attack
Item - Life Orb
IV's - Max
Ability - Levitate

Nature - Brave
Moves - Earthquake, Blizzard, Ice Shard, Wood Hammer
Evs - 252 Special Attack and Attack
Item - Focus Sash
IV's - Max
Ability - Snow Warning

Nature Bold
Moves - Surf, Toxic, Rest, Sleep Talk
Evs - 252 Defense and Hp
Item - Leftovers
IV's - Max
Ability - Marvel Scale

Gengar easily sweeps, and has Destiny Bond for tricky situations, especially against Bronzongs. Abomasnow has coverage, takes care of the types the others dont. Has a Focus Sash as it really only needs to take on hit to take out most Pokemon it is up against. Milotic is mostly a staller. I use Rest Talk instead of recover because it activates Marvel Scale and recovers more Hp.

Team 2
Nature - Impish
Moves - Toxic, Hydro Pump, Roar, Stealth Rock
Evs - 252 Defense and Special Defense
Item - Leftovers
Ability - Torrent

Nature - Adamant
Moves - Swords Dance, Protect, Baton Pass, X Scissors
Evs - 252 Speed and Attack (Overkill, but why not?)
Item - Focus Sash
Ability - Speed Boost

Nature - Adamant
Moves - Earthquake, Stone Edge, Dragon Claw, Crunch/Aerial Ace (In case someone spams Double Team)
Evs - 252 Attack and Speed
Item - Focus Sash/Yache Berry
Ability - Sand Veil

This one is pretty simple. Lead with Empoleon, be a huge tank, set up rocks and just use Roar or Toxic if it comes down to it. Then use Ninjask, use Swords Dance, Speed Boost protect and Baton Pass to Garchomp to make it an unkillable beast.

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team 2 is good it has power and ninjask a powerful sweeper team one is good becuse it can take on enemys that have attaks with STAB because of such a good verity. but team 2 seems to be better in attacks against speedy pokemon and team one seems to be better in the high defensive feild. but overall the winner must be team 2 as  I said before powerful fast swepper gengar is great but not really ideal for sweeper.

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I've trawled through your teams and i don't have anything to say apart from the fact you haven't included the final 4 Ev's so your EV spreads all total 504

Impish Empoleon? That 1) Increases Defense but 2) Decreases SpA and your Empoleon is only running hydro pump a SPECIAL ATTACK

Also Garchomp would get more value out of rough skin above all else as unless you have something to set up sandstorm (Ttar or the like)

You also put focus miss, i get that it might be a joke due to the fact that despite being 70% accurate it misses whenever it's needed, i hope it's a joke

other than that this looks fine

Even though that 70% chance sometimes feels like 10%, Focus Blast can still be competitively used, especially with Gengar sets.