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What do you think. About gen 9 reveals?
Mar 15 by Attacker98
My shiny was a foongus
Feb 10 by Attacker98
Least favourite pokémon? I'd say Smeargle, because I mostly play Gen 7 AG and no-skill Smeargle with Spore strategies are everywhere.
Jan 29 by xPsydxck
What was your shiny?
Jan 15 by -WhiteFire-
What would be your least favorite pokemon
Dec 9, 2021 by Attacker98
Nope, still here
Aug 3, 2021 by Attacker98
Jul 24, 2021 by PKBroccoliHead
I kind of wish it was
May 20, 2021 by PKBroccoliHead
Don’t you wish Samurott was better?
May 6, 2021 by Attacker98
Apr 15, 2021 by BM™