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Wow, being colorblind must be hard.
It's a paradox for me xD
Where you born like that? Because if not that's the paradox to me.
Sep 19, 2018 by Syl ™
Apr 30, 2016 by Gallade'sBlade
Hey there! You kind of posted your name change on the wrong thread (you posted on the 2015 one instead of the 2016 one). If you'd like to hide you answer and then re post on the new one, that'd be great :p!
Apr 18, 2016 by PX
Late welcome
Dec 30, 2015 by Lady Sylbreon 151.1
Welcome to the site! Thanks for the best answer.
Aug 11, 2015 by Arceus123
Aug 8, 2015 by Hellfire Taco
Welcome to this site! C:
Aug 8, 2015 by Poke-Potato
Welcome to the site!
Aug 8, 2015 by Keromatsu