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Oh, hiya. :3
Sep 11 by Yuya the Goggles
I remember when you used to be active.
Aug 28 by Yuya the Goggles
Cookies are best food
Mar 27 by TheMasterApe
Cheers :)
Mar 20 by ~WilloWisp~
Please edit comments if you have something to add, instead of posting 3+ in a row.
Mar 20 by ~WilloWisp~
My activity has declined drastically since I got expert
Feb 22 by BaronVonThomason III
Merry Christmas
Dec 25, 2021 by BaronVonThomason III
Wall DEAD...
Dec 16, 2021 by RaidenTheSworded 雷電
Lol I just decided to do that because why not XD
Nov 24, 2021 by ~Obstagoon-Marnie~
Actually, *says in weird nerd voice* the Cave of Origin is located in Hoenn, a Pokémon region, meaning it doesn’t exist in real life. However, Hoenn, which the Cave of Origin is located, is based around a parts of Japan. So, there is no way the Cave of Origin can be in any country, especially the United States.
Nov 24, 2021 by ~Obstagoon-Marnie~