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Hey I dont think I saw this before, but congrats on the Sapphire nuzloke completion!

That's a hard game to nuzloke and I haven't even done one in any game lol
Jul 17 by GmaxWaluigi
Jul 15 by Amethyst
My X Rock Monotype Run: So, after resetting to get all the Kalos and Kanto Starters, I choose Chespin, and go on my way, catching a Fletchling, the Pan Trio, and several others, I go to Viola and wipe her out with my Flechinder, then I continue, catching more useless Pokemon, before making my way to Ambrette Town, where I catch some Dwebbles and Binacles, then go to glittering cave where I catch a Rhydon and a Lunatone, to help for Korrina, pretty much one of the only reasons I got one. I then go into the cave and OHKO the Flare Grunt's Houndour with Smack Down.

Continued on Friday.
Jul 15 by MimikyuShadow
Mine's been going pretty well. How about yours?
Jul 12 by Mr. Beast™
Jul 12 by Mr. Beast™
Jul 5 by Amethyst
I havent a clue what he meant by that
Jul 5 by Amethyst
Yeah, that's a new thing. I doubt many people will call me that instead of X, though :P
Jul 5 by Amethyst
He's good, and he's got a great nature, Defense up, Sp. Atk down. He's already sweeping. Will come in handy for skyla
Jul 5 by GmaxWaluigi
Hey, just letting ya know, I just caught an Aerodactyl in Blaze Black 2, named it Shadow.
Jul 3 by GmaxWaluigi