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Dec 1, 2022 by Your Excellency
That's great! Which tiers do you generally frequent? Or do you try to bully your opponents with a Mono Psychic team :p
Mar 13, 2022 by Emty
I see you still haunt this place from time to time. Hope you're doing okay.
Feb 23, 2022 by Emty
Who knows lol. I was a really cringey dumb 10 year old who spammed chat with shxtty role play and nsfw Pokémon images. I can’t even remember all the accounts I had or their names. If you remember a dumb kid like that, then it was probably me.
Feb 21, 2022 by ~Scarlet~
that’s sad rip
I’m ty a new editor and I’m an old banned user from like 2013 nice to meet (remeet?) you
Feb 21, 2022 by ~Scarlet~
Who are you
Feb 20, 2022 by ~Scarlet~
Wtf you're alive as well
How you been dude
Dec 9, 2021 by a creepy stalker
Mike is that you?
Dec 8, 2021 by a creepy stalker
Dec 3, 2021 by neo magius
I am free til 11:30 AM your time. Not after that.
Dec 2, 2021 by Talos