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Dark in Light:

Every good time has a chance for you to fall victim to darkness...

Don't ask why :/
Oct 19, 2021 by Light Hope ♡
PS WDYM by “Bandit is no more guilty?”
Oct 19, 2021 by Rosalie Hood
Uh who are you? And i was mighty minior i know i meed to change yheir names Bandit is Grayscale, last i saw Sixer was J.C Blackthorne, Shatter is Naught and... that might be all.
Oct 19, 2021 by Rosalie Hood
Oct 18, 2021 by xPsydxck
I’m available now, if you are. I’ll be actively monitoring the Showdown server for the next 30 minutes, so you’re welcome to ping me on Discord if you see this after 30 mins
Oct 17, 2021 by KRLW890
Sorry I missed your message. I can battle that same time today (7:30 pm Saturday my time, 8:00 am Sunday your time). Would that work for you or would we need to schedule another time?
Oct 16, 2021 by KRLW890
Your grav is so ducking cute I'm dying aaaaaaaaa!!!
Oct 7, 2021 by xPsydxck
aah i see, well, good luck friend!
Oct 1, 2021 by Chaos481

How can a Reshiram stall Whimsicott? I thought I would lose before I came near that 1% margin...
Sep 30, 2021 by ~BlazeFreeze~
no prob! also when will your exams finish?
Sep 30, 2021 by Chaos481