Pyukumuku is a Water type Pokémon introduced in Generation 7. It is known as the Sea Cucumber Pokémon.

Due to their appearance and their lifestyle, Pyukumuku are considered unappealing to tourists. Part-time work chucking Pyukumuku back into the sea is available at tourist beaches. But no matter how far they’re thrown, Pyukumuku will always return to the same spot.

Pyukumuku hate to have their spikes and mouths touched, and if you step on one, it will hurl out its fist-like inner organs to strike at you.

Pokédex entries

Sun It lives in shallow seas, such as areas near a beach. It can eject its internal organs, which it uses to engulf its prey or battle enemies.
Moon These Pokémon line the beaches. The sticky mucous that covers their bodies can be used to soothe sunburned skin. How convenient!

Evolution chart

  • Pyukumuku does not evolve.

Moves learned by Pyukumuku

Pyukumuku sprites

Type Generation 7
Normal Pyukumuku  sprite from Sun & Moon
Shiny Pyukumuku Shiny sprite from Sun & Moon

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Where to find Pyukumuku

Route 7, Hano Beach