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what is the best method,place and tine to train ditto.

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I find it very hard to use ditto in battles as he has to use his first turn to transform. If you want to train him its going to be hard, I suggest leaving it in the daycare centre or battling a dragon type so you will be super effective against it but it will be super effective against you too. You could also do double battles and transform into your partner who is super effective against your opponent.

Hope this helps, it is my first answer!

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In my opinion, the first thing you should do if you wanna get a Ditto, is get it from dream world, so you can get the ability impostor. This allows for an automatic transform, which means you dont have to waste a turn using transform. The next thing I would suggest is just to constantly battle the elite 4 over and over again with Ditto holding EXP Share. And then you can also EV train Ditto, but the thing is once you transform, all your stats change, so there really isnt a point to EV training ditto. Heck if you have a impostor Ditto, there is no point to even train it at all, considering that once you switch into Ditto, all stats will be copied meaning that it is pointless to train him.

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you still want to train it to level 100 as it keeps it own HP Stat http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/100143/ditto-stats-after-transformation. so you still want to EV Train it in HP
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The easiest way to Train Ditto is to leave it in the Daycare, then you some method to keep you character moving so it will gain EXP. Other ways are just too hard with you having to transform into a Pokemon then hoping you can do damage to it in some shape or form. If you plan to EV train it, get the daycare to raise it to level 90-95 then go EV train it. After you finish EV training it, if its not yet level 100 put it back in the Daycare.

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