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As a lot of players tend to send low-level Zigzagoon into Wonder Trade in the hopes of getting something far better, I've decided to take in as many as I can and try to begin something like a "Zigzagoon Initiative" or some silly name like that. Basically, I want to get as many as I can and raise them all to create the best objective Zigzagoon team. Then I would send them back into Wonder Trade, or keep them, or trade them to friends, or whatever.
However, as a fairly unexperienced player, I want to ask: how would you go about completing this goal?
Thank you in advance!

Personally, it's Wonder Trade slavery.  People catch boxes full of random Zigzagoons, Poochyena, and Fletchling and just keep sending them back to Wonder Trade, ruining the experience for everyone.  The least they could do is use Scatterbug/Spewpa because of the Vivillion patterns.  Frankly it's distressing.

Any time I use Wonder Trade, I release the slaves.  Join me in freeing them from their tormented existence. #EndWonderTradeSlavery

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If you want EV training and all that competitive stuff, then you'll probably have to hatch Zigzagoon which I believe you don't want to do and just use ones from Wonder Trade. Anyway, I would suggest one HM slave like so:
This one can be fainted and the first in your party to pick up items and for an HM slave.
Zigzagoon @ nothing (Pickup)
Ability: Pickup
- Rock Smash
- Cut
- Surf
- Strength (only if its a Linoone :c)

The other Zigzagoon should be attackers of course and could have this as a suggested moveset:
Zigzagoon @ Sitrus Berry
Ability: Pickup
Adamant Nature
- Belly Drum
- Double Edge / Return
- Thief
- Seed Bomb / Gunk Shot
Good coverage and belly drum is great with Sitrus Berry. Double Edge is a strong normal type move but Return can work for a solid STAB move if you have good friendship. For EVs, (optional) give it some Speed, Attack, and HP. For the last move, those two options are only if you have a move tutor available. If not, choose Pin Missile.

If you'd like to catch some Pokemon then give one of them Super Fang to gradually wear down their HP and maybe have Charm to lower attack or Captivate if you're a girl and they're a special attacker. Have fun with this team and may you defeat many Mega Rayquazas!

P.S. My bro has a shiny Zigzagoon with Pokerus!

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Most people agree that return is better than take down...
Depends on what recovery methods you have.  But in combination with Belly Drum.....  Nope.  All the Nopes.