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1) According to Serebii, Lugia is obtainable when playing Dream Radar with SoulSilver in 3DS. I tried for 3 days now, and I have not seen Lugia yet. Is there any requirements, such as having captured Tornadus, Thundurus and Landorus?

2) Once again, according to Serebii, they say Beldum, Slowpoke and Hoothoot are obtainable by Special Extensions. How to obtain those?

3) Once again, according to Serebii (Won't link again --'), they say some Pokemon are obtainable after Pink and Orange levels, Green and Blue levels, and such. What are those?

4) At last, a non-Serebii question. Do all Pokemon captured in Dream Radar have DW Abilities? (Yeees for Multiscale Lugia <3)

That's about it, so thanks for answering =P

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The answer to number four is Yes
Ah, ok, thanks, Tutor =D
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1)You get Lugia when you put SoulSilver in your 3Ds and play Dream Radar
2)There are no codes for the Us games
3)Don't know

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1) You must have Pokemon soulsilver in your 3ds and go to dream radar. You should unlock a new exstension for lugia

2) Check out the news page of serebii. It recently posted the codes for obtaining these extensions.

3) after playing the dream radar alot, and you get alot of dream orbs, you will unlock new exstenntions, in which serebii calls orange levels, green levels, and blue levels (I think this is correct). Hoothoot and slowpoke and beldum are available in these extensions.

4) Yes, they have their dreamworld abilities (WOOT!)

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