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Like I know Klutz cant use Fling, but can it use Trick?


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> Trick is an excellent way to cripple all sorts of Pokemon. Slap Trick onto any Choice user that can learn it and you have an ace up your sleeve against troublesome walls; Eviolite users, especially defensive ones such as Chansey and Dusclops, will hate having their precious defense boosts snatched away. Pokemon with Prankster or Klutz can also Trick inconvenient items, such as Lagging Tail and Iron Ball, onto your foe's Pokemon to provide very useful support. This is particularly useful in doubles, where your partner Pokemon can immediately take advantage of what the Trick user has crippled.


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lol, one second difference. Such things get my uptvote.
@heracross: Be careful with using Iron Ball with Klutz. Klutz does not negate Iron Ball's Speed drop. As such, a Lagging Tail is a lot more useful.
Yes, I've seen the Klutz trick used a fair bit in NU, but is is easily screwed if your Pokemon isn't fast.
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You can use Trick, as well as Switcheroo.
This is a common strategy with Lopunny, using Switcheroo with Klutz and a negative item such as Flame Orb or Lagging Tail.