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Let's say I have a level 32 Darmanitan with Thrash. I get into a battle with a trainer. I use Thrash on the first Pokemon and it faints. He level up. He tries to learn Flare Blitz and I want to replace Thrash.

Will it let me?? If so, what happens next turn??

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Yay, found the answer at long last.

>Multiple turn moves such as Outrage will continue to be performed even if the move is deleted between turns. This can happen in both single and double battles.


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Thrash would be unable to hit since it has been deleted for Flare Blitz. Once Thrash has been deleted (either) your opponent will play his/her move or you will get to select a move that you want to play depending on how you are playing.

So overall, Thrash would stop hitting, you will NOT be confused, and the battle will carry on like usual.
Source: Personal experience.

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