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About a few weeks ago,it was placed in ubers.And today,I saw it in OU!I just want an explaination.(P.S. If this question isn't allowed or a duplicate.Tell me.)

Wait... What?

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Apparently because of lack of viable physical moves, weakness to Stealth Rock, not enough speed, bla bla bla. Personally I think Smogon is stupid, and Kyurem-B belongs in Ubers. I mean, base 170 attack!

But that's the reason. I know, I play Ubers.

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I never really see rocks set in Über anyway. Sometimes Smogon does do that...
I agree, and the not enough speed is stupid, it has higher speed than Zekrom, AND more attack. It has STAB OUTRAGE + 170 ATTACK FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! It can OHKO most Multiscale Dragonite! (Max Def and HP BARELY survives it, and who uses that).
Mixed sets with Kyurem-B troll all of it's threats in OU. HP Fire for Scizor, Skarmory and Foretress powered by that stunning 120 base S.Attack, plus a STAB outrage, with choice band will RIP A TEAM IN HALF. Smogon, you just confirmed my choice never to return to competitive battling.
Lack of viable physical moves doesn't matter much when what you have at least 2HKOs everything.
Yeah. You may not get STAB on Fusion Bolt/Strike, but it would still be doing tons of damage.
Thank you.
Even if Black Kyurem is in OU I still think he is OP and can kick any Pokémon's butt.. (Edit: I like both actually :P)
Hai Scizor!!! Hai Terrakion!!! Hai Keldeo!!! You get the point...