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So, my Ditto in OU hasn't been very helpful, so I decided to bring back Kyurem, and he is one lucky sweeper he is.
But is it worth using? Since this battle was just luck, and I can't believe I won against a high rating player.


Congrats on the win

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Thanks to its great Special Attack and offensive typing along with its access to Freeze-Dry, Kyurem is able to act as a tremendous wallbreaker with Choice Specs. Kyurem's natural bulk should also not be underestimated, as its unique typing and high HP stat allow it to check threats such as Rillaboom and Crawdaunt.

Kyurem is a flexible Pokemon, able to be utilized on both balance and offensive teams. If you're looking to use a balance team, entry hazard control is crucial for Kyurem to find success.

So it seems to be worth using, but it needs a bit of help removing hazards to truly shine.


Hope I helped!

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Is dragon dance kyurem good though?
As I'm using it
Dragapult is the better overall DD user, but the SubRoost DD set for Kyurem is good for defensive teams that need an unequivocal response to other stall teams (due to its joint sweeping and PP stalling potential). You won't have to worry about that where you are on the ladder, though.
I sweeped a lot of mons with kyurem, and it's more bulky than draga