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I went to the Silph company place in Saffron City(after defeating Red), but the guy your supposed to talk wasn't there. Do you need to defeat Red, then immediately go there?

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No. Follow these steps:

  • Beat The Elite Four, and get all 16 badges.
  • Go to Saffron City and into Copycat's house. Talk to her. She lost her doll.
  • Go to Vermilion City's fan club and get the doll. Before you enter, Steven will bump into you, and Latios will start to roam.
  • Get the doll and return it to Copycat. She'll give you a Magnet Pass.
  • Beat Red.
    Go to Silph Co. He should be ready to give your starter.
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In the thing I saw, the guy said to just go to the Silph company after you beat Red