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I recived a Female Zoroua with Adamant nature in a trade. I heard you only got a Zoroua with Hasty in the game? How is mine Adamant and Female? I am in white trading with Black 2.

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thanks guys! I now have it at level 61!!!

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Zorua can be both male and female and have any nature. So yes it is probably a normal Zorua.
I suppose that is a decent Zorua, but I prefer mine to be hasty

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You do realize that zorua can be bred and get another zorua that's different. I don't think whoever traded with you wanted to give the original

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There's three ways this is possible:
1. Your friend breeded a Pokemon, like TBB said.
2.That zoura is glit6ched and your friend got it by cheat. Or he got it from someone and they hacked it.
3.It's from a black or white 1 game when you bring Celebi to Game Freak studios in Castelina City.He probably traded it from his b/w 1 to his b/w 2.

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