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I mean what dicides who wins a other battle(or one not including you) or what dicides the begining people and where they are in the tourny?

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Who wins usually depends on type advantage. If Cress and Chili match up, Cress will come out victor. If both have Neutral coverage against each other (Electric vs Fire), it will be random.
The rest is random.

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Are you sure?
Whenever I attend PWT, it is always like this. Different gym leaders show up each time I battle World Leaders. In no particular pattern, either. I know type advantages will win, because that exact same situation happened with me as well.
I know the other ones are random because Blaines matched up with Elesa one time in the game, and Elesa moved on. They matched up again a couple of games later, and Blaine got through.
That's not true. PokeCinema was doing the Unova cup and Clay beat Cress and Chilli beat Cilan.
That never happened to me..
I guess its completely random.