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There are three types that have 7 weaknesses - the most of any combination:

  • Ice/Grass
  • Psychic/Grass
  • Psychic/Rock

Lunatone and Solrock are the only Psychic/Rock Pokemon but they also have Levitate which means they only have 6 weaknesses (and no double weakness).

Exeggcute, Exeggutor and Celebi are Psychic/Grass - weak to 7 types including 4x to Bug.
Snover and Abomasnow are Ice/Grass - weak to 7 types including 4x to Fire.

Those 5 are statistically the weakest Pokemon.

Also Tyranitar now. They're not the weakest pokemon, just have the most weaknesses.
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Solrock and lunatone do put they have levitate that gets rid of weakness to ground.

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Actualy, Abomasnow+Snover also have 7 weaknesses: fire (and this is double super e!), fight, poison, flying, bug, rock, and steel and no ability to negate any of them.