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this is my team in pearl:

1) Infernape Level 57
Calm mind
Close Combat
Flare Blitz
Item : Fist plate

2)Staraptor Level 50
Brave Bird
Aerial Ace
Close Combat
Item : None

3) Garchomp Level 52
Dragon Rage
Dragon Claw
Item : None

4) Roserade Level 49
Solar Beam
Petal Dance
Stun Spore
Item : None

5) Mismagius Level 49
Shadow ball
Perish Song
Item : Spooky Plate

6) Raichu Level 49
Brick Break
Double Team
Light Screen
Item : None

Is it enough to beat The elite 4, including Cyntia ?

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Yes these Pokemon are in the right level area to beat Cynthia and you have the right types too, the only problem would be her garchomp and mabye spiritomb
Staraptor-roserade:this will be super effective just have a lum berry to counter that stun spore and keep the brave bird goin
Mismagius-togekiss:with this you'll be able to avoid her devastating aurasphere but her air slash is still a potential threat, give it a magnet and boost that thunderbolt. Perish song is also an option
Infernape-lucario: both types are super effective against him so great typing here. Anyone of your moves should work but watch out for aurasphere
Raichu-Milotic:since icebeam would be a threat to roserade you should use raichu to fight this one just remember to use a light screen to help youself and roserade just in case raichu doesn't make it

Now about Cynthia's spiritomb, I'd mabye use roserade to toxic it and then just spam with petal dance. If roserade dies then you still have a toxic on him and you should be able to finish him of with anyone.

I'm surprised you don't have a surfer on your team which can learn an ice move Because the only thing that's super effective is your garchomp. You don't have a chance until you train it to about its level and as much speed Evs as possible. If your garchomp is faster than hers give it a focus belt to survive her hit and hit back and that should finish her garchomp.

Your team is fine, I'd suggest ev training your garchomp in speed and give it a focus belt and your team will win.
Oh and your team can easily beat the elite four
Mismagius- Lucian

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Well, the Elite Four and Champion in Pearl are usually pretty high-leveled, so I'd train a little more, just to be safe. Get all your Pokemon up to at least level 65 for good measure.
When battling Aaron, start with Infernape. When battling Bertha, open with Roserade, since all her Pokemon are weak to Grass-types. Next, when battling Flint, start with Garchomp. When battling Lucian, use Mismagius to start.
Save as many healing items as possible throughout the elite four challenge. Use them to heal your Pokemon right before challenging Cynthia. Finally, when battling Cynthia, open with Mismagius. Don't use your Garchomp until she sends out hers. Cynthia's Garchomp is level 66, so make sure you're ready for it. For Lucario and Roserade, use Infernape and Staraptor. For Gastrodon, use Roserade. For Milotic, use Raichu, use Mismagius for Spiritomb, and make sure to keep your Pokemon's health high. Do this and you should have an easier time. Also, I recommend saving before each elite four member and the champion, that way you can devise your own strategies through trial and error and soft reset if you lose.

She had Gastrodon in Pearl.
Gastrodon, come foarth from the seas !!!