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Okay,on the top of a ledge in route 2 in BW2,there will be a rich girl wearing a white dress standing and she will say to show some kind of Pokemon.What Pokemon should I show her?

Are you sure its ROute 2?
200% sure
Can you possibly show a screenshot of this girl?
Or you can point to where she is here: http://cdn.bulbagarden.net/upload/9/90/Unova_Route_2_Winter_BW.png
she will be standing on the cliff like thing in the north east of the route
I'll check it out.

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Talk to her again. She will mention an Ability. Bring her a Pokemon with that Ability.

Source: Tested on my White 2

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wat ability??
Talk to her again. She will give an ability. For a Pokemon.
If she wants a Synchronize ability, go get a Pokemon with Synchronize. Pretty sure its random for everyone. I got Solid Rock, so I would need to get a Rhyperior.