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Ok, so, after I defeated Black Tower once, Alder's grandson said he would be waiting for me again at Black Tower. But I had already defeated him.

So really my question is, what do I do after I defeat the Black Tower?


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Go to floceescey town and go to alders house.When you start talking to him,benga will come and he will give you a shiny gible.He wont appear again.So try to complete the pokedex.The dna splicers as you mentioned is in the giant chasm only after you catch kyurem but kyurem will be only available only after you catch zekrom in dragonspiral tower.There is also the battle subway and PWT,Hidden grottos,Nimbassa dome,etc.Try to catch all the legendaries in the game such as heatran,cresselia,etc.

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And I have a shiny Gible, actually it is now a Garchomp, but what do I do after that? Because I am really confused.
So do I just go to a special place now?
But what about Kyurem,Zekrom, and Reshiram? I'm not able to fuse them? I don't even have the DNA Splicer.
Thank you!
I went to Dragon Spiral and Zekrom wasn't there. So then I went to the Giant Chasm, but only Ghestis's stick thingy was there. What do I do now?
Did you do meet Zoraork and N?
No, at least that's what I think. Where do I go?